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17 Sweet Godmother Gift Ideas to THANK these “Second Moms”

Godmothers play an important role in every child’s life and from a Christian perspective, they are more than just a mother figure. The special woman you choose to fill this role will also be a spiritual mentor for your child, and they will commit to encouraging, inspiring, and praying for their godchild in every season of life. Whether you are celebrating a birthday or your child’s baptism, you may be looking for godmother gift ideas. 

More often than not, it takes time to find the perfect gift to say how much you love and appreciate someone. To help you in your search, we’ve created a list of the 17 best godmother gift ideas. Any gift on this list is sure to make the godmother in your life feel loved and cared for. 

17 Godmother Gift Ideas

1. Spa Gift Set

The best way to show any woman that she is appreciated and cared for is by giving her the opportunity to pamper herself. This spa gift set includes two different soaps, shower steamers, and lavender bath salts. The woman who receives this gift will love being able to relax and enjoy a spa day in her own home. 

2. Prayer Journal for Women

A prayer journal is a beautiful gift for any godmother and it’s a perfect place for her to write down the prayers she has for your little one. This beautiful prayer journal includes scripture and devotions for every week of the year and can be enjoyed in individual study or with a Bible study group.

3. Personalized Bracelet

Jewelry is a great gift because it’s something that can be a constant reminder, and custom jewelry is one of the best sentimental gifts. This bracelet can be customized with anything you choose, from your child’s name, their birthdate, or the day of their baptism.

4. Candle Set

Candles are another wonderful gift for the woman who needs some time of peace and relaxation. This luxury candle set comes with six different fragrances. Each candle is made with natural ingredients, including natural soy wax and natural essential oils.

5. Custom Tumbler

This custom tumbler is the perfect gift for a baptism, or even for asking someone to be the godmother of your child for the first time. The tumbler comes with a modern design and can be personalized with the name of your child. With proper care, this gift can last up to six years, and the godmother in your life will be sure to enjoy it for many years.

6. Gourmet Cookie Gift Basket

What better way to tell someone you appreciate them than with a box of gourmet cookies? This gift basket comes with twelve gourmet cookies in twelve different flavors, and also comes beautifully packaged with a ribbon wrapped box. The cookies are made from natural ingredients, and each box is made fresh when you order. If your child’s godmother has a sweet tooth, this may be the perfect gift for her.

7. Godmother Handprint Frame

This handprint frame is a fantastic way to celebrate your child’s godmother, and also to commemorate your child’s baptism. If you’re looking for a godmother gift idea for a baptism or christening, this gift comes in a farmhouse style frame and the process of stamping your child’s handprint is very simple.

8. Godmother Mug

A mug may not seem like the most unique gift, but the meaning behind this mug makes it a perfect gift for a godmother. This floral mug has a beautiful design, and includes the phrase “God could not be everywhere, so he created godmothers,” on the outside and the phrase “I love you” on the inside.

9. Bible Study Book for Women

The woman who takes on the role of godmother for your child is expected to be a spiritual mentor for them. This Bible study book for women makes a wonderful gift to help encourage any godmother in her relationship with the Lord. Reading the Bible can seem overwhelming if you don’t have a reading plan, but this book for women breaks up the scriptures in a way that allows you to read the entire Bible in just one year.

10. Jeremiah 29:11 Notebook

Jeremiah 29:11 may be a well-known verse, but it is still a verse we all need to be reminded of often. The godmother who receives this journal will be blessed by the reminder that God always has a plan to prosper us and not harm us. It also has a beautiful design and is a great place to write down thoughts, prayers, and anything else that comes to mind.

11. Godmother Picture Frame

Sometimes the sweetest gift for a godparent is one that includes a picture of their godchild. This frame is simple, but includes the phrase “I really am so lucky and thank the stars above that when it comes to godmothers, I’ve got the very best to love,” which is a sweet message for any godmother to read.

12. Bath Bombs Gift Set

If you’re looking to spoil someone, bath bombs are a great way to do so. Your child’s godmother will love this luxurious set that includes twelve different scents made with essential oils. These bath bombs are also free of parabens, which makes them safe for the godmother in your life to use.

13. Tea Cup Set for Women

This tea cup set is perfect for any woman who enjoys the finer things in life. Wrapped in a beautiful gift box, this set comes with two glass tea cups made of handmade glass with an elegant design. Each cup also comes with a matching spoon, and each part of this gift set is 100% lead free.

14. Succulent Gift Box

If you’re looking for a unique gift for the godmother in your life, this succulent gift box is a great choice. Succulents are a wonderful gift even for someone who may not have a green thumb. They are incredibly easy to take care of, and they are a great addition to any room. This gift set comes with four two-inch succulents, and you also have the option of sending a personalized note with your gift box.

15. Proverbs 31:29 Cutting Board

Proverbs 31:29 says, “Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.” (NIV) This proverb is a beautiful and encouraging reminder for the godmother of your child, and if she spends a lot of time cooking or baking, this gift will be a perfect addition to her kitchen. Made from organically grown bamboo woods, this cutting board is etched with Proverbs 31:29 and is free of all chemicals and artificial coloring.

16. Personalized Clutch

For the godmother who loves florals and beautiful designs, this personalized clutch makes a great gift. They come in three different styles and your choice of fabric. You have the option to personalize the clutch with initials, which are hand drawn by the seller and then stitched into the fabric.

17. Proverbs 31:25 Shirt

A shirt can make a lovely gift, especially when it has something meaningful printed on it. This shirt quotes Proverbs 31:25 and states, “She is fearless,” which is a wonderful reminder for the godmother receiving this gift. Even when the world around us shakes, as Christians we know we don’t have a spirit of fear because the Lord will protect us. This poly cotton blend shirt has a beautiful design and comes in several different colors. 

What do you traditionally give to godmothers?

If you’re looking for a gift for your child’s godmother, it may be because your child’s baptism or christening is coming up. A gift is usually given to the godparents as a way to show appreciation for the commitment they are making.

There isn’t one specific gift that should be given to all godmothers, but you may be wondering what gifts are typically given on the day of a child’s baptism. Personalized gifts are very traditional, and although it doesn’t have to be specifically related to baptism, something with a personalized note or a gift that has your child’s name on it would be a great way to celebrate their role as a godmother.

How much money should you spend on a godmother gift?

A godmother is someone who will impact your child’s life forever, and a gift is a great way to show how much you care. Although the amount you spend on a gift isn’t what’s most important, it’s still helpful to have a range while you’re shopping for a gift.

There isn’t one set amount that you should spend, but anything between $25-50 would be standard for a godmother gift.

In Conclusion….

Trying to find the perfect gift can be overwhelming, no matter what the occasion is, and we hope this list has helped you pick out something the godmother in your life will love. When it comes to finding the perfect gift, it’s not about how much you spend or how grand of a gesture it is. Finding a gift that will remind your child’s godmother of your child and the role they play is more than anyone could ask for.

Godmother Gift Ideas

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