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12 Fun Gender Reveal Party Game Ideas to Keep your Guests Entertained

Any party celebrating the anticipated arrival of a new bundle of joy is sure to be a happy one, and gender reveal parties where it will be announced whether that bundle is a boy or girl are the most exciting! Keeping everyone busy before and after the big reveal is important to keep guests entertained. We’ve put together a list of the best gender reveal party game ideas all in one place, so your family and friends enjoy your celebration.

Our list of gender reveal party games includes…

  • Activities meant to reward mom & dad with things they’ll enjoy or use with a baby
  • Silly games for friends and family that will have all of your guests laughing until the end of the party
  • DIY and homemade games and activities you can prepare on your own
  • Printable games to make planning easy
  • Drinking games that will be fun for all!

With gender reveal party games ranging from activities that will help supply mom and dad with things they need for baby to ones that will keep everyone laughing, this list of games is sure to have games you will love for your party.

If you are planning ahead and haven’t found out your baby’s gender, you have to check out SneakPeaks Gender Test! I had this done at 9 weeks pregnant and found out we were having a baby girl. It was fun being able to start shopping a little sooner!

Gender Reveal Game Ideas For Mom and Dad

Diaper Raffle

Anyone who’s experienced the adventure of being a new parent will tell you – you can never have enough diapers! With a Diaper Raffle at your gender reveal party, guests will have a blast and mom and dad will benefit from the resulting diaper supply!

According to Leap to Mama World, a proper diaper raffle calls for distributing tickets in advance via the party invitations, a station to collect tickets, and an exciting drawing to announce the winner! 

Gender Reveal Party Games For Guests and Family

Charades – Bumpity

Everyone has played this well-known game night favorite and adding a gender reveal twist makes it a hit at gender reveal parties! Bumpity Charades will leave your guests laughing as they attempt to act out popular baby phrases and sayings such as “change a diaper,” “breast feed,” or “poop on face.” 

Guess the Baby Food

Give everyone a taste of what baby will eventually dine on and see if they can guess what they’re eating!

To set up a Guess the Baby Food game like The Purple Pumpkin did, gather an assortment of baby food jars with foods varying in flavor. Remove their labels and have the people at your party guess what flavor each jar contains! Whoever gets the most correct wins.

Baby Gender Reveal Party Bingo

This adorable pink and blue Printable Baby Bingo is the perfect gender reveal party game! Each bingo card features baby items like diapers, monitors, cribs, and bottles for players to collect as they try to win!

DIY+Homemade Games for Gender Reveal Party

Cravings Bar

A Cravings Bar like this one from Paging Supermom is an easy way to take on a gender reveal games diy and to fill your stomachs, too! Fill it with food the expecting mom is craving and add a gender reveal twist by having guests guess the baby’s gender based on the foods mom has a hankering for!

With old wives’ tale predictions such as sugar cravings meaning it’s a girl and salty cravings being a sign of a boy, guests will be sure to have ideas based on mom’s favorite snacks!

How Many Jellybeans

This sweet game will have party guests scratching their heads and will have the winner going home with a treat!

To play this Jelly Bean Guessing Game:

  1. Fill a large glass or acrylic container with a mix of pink and blue jelly beans – make sure you are counting how many go into the container!
  2. Provide ballot cards or pieces of paper for your friends and family to share their estimate of how many jellybeans of each color are in the jar.
  3. The person whose guess is closest to the actual counts wins the container full of jellybeans!

Name That Baby

This game takes a little bit of planning in advance but will make for an amusing activity for your gender reveal party guests to take part in together! With Name that Baby, party guests will guess which fellow attendees are shown in baby pictures that are displayed at the gathering.

As shared by The Little Things, it’s best to gather the guests’ baby pictures taken when they were under the age of one, and for the photos to be finished in black and white. Whoever can make the most matches wins a prize. 

Printable Games for Gender Reveal

Old Wives Tales 

While playing on the concept of Old Wives Tales isn’t new at baby showers, displaying this pretty watercolor Old Wives Tales game printable for the game’s main attraction will make it a classy and modern activity at your gender reveal party! The printable also comes in an editable file, so you can modify it to suit your party or expecting couple!

Pink or Blue

This game is especially fun to play at a party with lots of music-loving attendees! Print copies of this Pink or Blue game printable from Play.Party.Plan and challenge the group to figure out the artist who performed each song and its name.

Whoever guesses the most songs correctly wins! Each song features the words “pink” or “blue” in its name or performer, making it extra fun for a gender reveal party!

Baby Name Race

A Baby Name Race doubles as a game and a creative way to collect ideas for what to name your new arrival! Using this template available on Etsy, ask party guests to list baby names starting with each letter of the alphabet. Use a timer and give everyone a short window to write down as many names as they can. Whoever has the most names in the given time wins!

Drinking Games (for Dads) at a Gender Reveal

Drink, Baby!

Especially fun at a co-ed gender reveal party, Drink, Baby! Is a silly way to get the guys involved! Fill baby bottles with your beer of choice (or with juice or another beverage for younger participants) and arm each guest with a bottle. Have everyone start “chugging” from the bottle at the same time and see who finishes their bottle the fastest!

Mystery Baby Beer Bottles

Another adult twist on the baby bottles typically reserved for little ones, Mystery Baby Beer Bottles presents an exciting challenge for the beer aficionados in your group! Fill baby bottles (Offbeat Home & Life used six) with different varieties of beer and ask party guests to guess what beer is in each bottle.

*Tip: Tell the group what beers are in the mix, just don’t tell them which bottle is which! Whoever can guess the most beers correctly wins the challenge!

Tips on Choosing a Gender Party Game Ideas 

Planning any party is an undertaking and planning the right activities and games to play at a gender reveal party might feel like a big job. Try considering these points when choosing the gender reveal party game ideas, you might want to incorporate into the gathering.

  • Know Your Crowd: Think about who will be attending, their personalities, and what their interests might be. If it’s not a group of outgoing people, something like charades might not be the most fun for them.  
  • What Will You Need?: Some gender reveal party games require more assembly than others. Are you up for putting in the work for that elaborate DIY setup? Do you love crafting? Make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew, and that you’re comfortable with what you’re putting on your plate.

In Conclusion

Having several engaging gender reveal party games and activities to help your party guests to interact and celebrate the gender announcement is a great way to spend time at a gender reveal party.

Whether you select traditional games or ones with a modern twist, or activities meant to get a laugh or ones meant to create a fun challenge, the games you choose for your gender reveal party will only help contribute to the celebratory atmosphere of a gender reveal party. No matter what games you choose, guests will be thrilled to gather and enjoy the announcement of what gender the new baby will be!

Gender Reveal Party Games and Activities

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