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14 Fun Dates While Pregnant – Ideas for EVERY Stage of Pregnancy

You may be wondering how it is even possible to keep your spark alive during your pregnancy. Girl, I’ve got you covered! Prioritizing time for your spouse is super important to build a strong foundation BEFORE your baby comes. Here are 14 fund dates while pregnant, that you can do at any stage of pregnancy!

The best way to keep things exciting during pregnancy is to continue going on dates and making special moments with your significant other. Sometimes all it takes is stepping out of your comfort zone to have a memorable evening to remind the two of you why you are excited to be taking this journey into parenthood together! 

Let’s talk about all the fun dates you can go on with your hubby!

14 Date Ideas During Pregnancy

Date Nights

If you’re looking for more of a romantic and fun evening, try one of the following! These will be sure to spice things up and give you and your partner some fun and memorable evenings! 

1. Restaurant Bucket List

One of the best things about being pregnant is the importance of eating well! Not only does it keep you happy, but eating good food also keeps the baby happy! With your partner, make a list of all the restaurants you either love or have always wanted to try. Then, make a goal to visit each of those restaurants before the baby arrives. 

You and your spouse could set a certain night each week and call it your “Bucket List” night. You’ll never have to figure out where to eat and you will always have something fun to look forward to each week. To make it even more interesting, you could number your list and roll a die to see which restaurant you will go to! How fun! 

2. Dessert Ranking

Keeping with the food theme, you and your spouse could go out once a week and try a different dessert spot, ranking the most delicious desserts in your city! You can simply make a list on your phone to keep up or in a journal. You can get the dessert to-go and eat it at your favorite park/outdoor area or simply get dressed up and eat it at the restaurant, depending on how you’re feeling! This fun date idea during pregnancy has so many different options that any dessert-loving couple would enjoy! 

3. Picnic Dinner

Chances are, there will be a point during your pregnancy where the weather will be beautiful enough to enjoy a lovely dinner at sunset. Just imagine sitting on a blanket with a picnic basket, eating your favorite meal while talking about your baby’s future with the sun going down in the distance! If this doesn’t scream romantic, I don’t know what does! 

4. Game Night

If you are one of the women who struggles with nausea throughout pregnancy, you may want to shy away from food-related date night ideas! If that’s the case, a game night would be perfect! You could each pick your favorite childhood game to bring to date night or you could create a competition night where you keep up with how many games each of you wins. Then, the winner of the night could get a special prize–maybe a back massage?

5. Take a Class

Maybe you want your date night to be more unique and challenging? You may not be able to take a rock climbing class, but there are all sorts of classes you could take as a couple for a fun date while pregnant! Cooking classes are very popular and easy to find, but there are also dancing classes if you want to get active. There are even parenting classes if you want to focus on preparing for the baby! No matter what you choose, doing something new with your spouse is a great bonding experience that will give you something to laugh and talk about in the future! 

6. Movie Night

Even on your worst day during pregnancy, there is still a date night option for you! You may be 9 months pregnant, nauseous, and sore, but you can still cuddle up on the couch with your spouse and enjoy a movie that you’ve never seen! To make your movie night more interesting,  you could each write down five different movie titles, put them in a hat, and the one you pull is the one you watch! You could also make it special by treating it as if you’re going to the movies: make popcorn, buy your favorite candy and Icee from the gas station and dim the lights!

Day Dates

Spending quality time together doesn’t always mean romantic evenings. Sometimes, a day date is just what you and your spouse need to have a blast and put some more fun in your relationship! 

7. Park Exploring

During pregnancy, it’s so fun to imagine what your little one will be like and what he/she will enjoy! A fun date idea while pregnant could be to go on walks at different, local parks. You and your husband could scope out the playgrounds, imagining which one your child will like best, and what he/she will be like in the future! 

8. Hike

Keeping with the idea of going on a walk, you and your spouse could simply find a local hike and explore the good outdoors! Both being outside and taking walks is incredibly healthy for your child and provides amazing benefits for you! Especially if you are getting close to birth, going on walks can even help progress things naturally! Talk about a win-win! 

9. Nursery Shopping

What’s more fun than window shopping for your future little one’s nursery?! Your spouse may not have as many opinions about what color the walls should be, but it’s so sweet taking the time to discuss what you imagine your child will be like and what you want their nursery to look like. You might be surprised at what your husband picks out, and doing it together is a great way to bond!

10. Crafting

With the baby’s arrival quickly approaching, it may be fun for you and your spouse to make something for the baby’s nursery! Whether it’s a fun shelf, cute garland, or any other adorable craft, every time you step in your little one’s room, you’ll be reminded of the fun memories you had while making it with your spouse! Working together for a little DIY action can always turn into a memorable time! 

11. Scavenger Hunt

If you’ve been struggling lately with all things pregnancy and are looking for more of a romantic day date, you could always create a scavenger hunt to reminisce on your favorite memories together pre-baby. Creating a scavenger hunt could be as simple as writing out or typing out clues and having a friend/family member help you set them up! It’s important to slow things down before the baby arrives and really remember how special your relationship is with your spouse! 

Weekend Getaways

Many couples prioritize a “baby moon” before the baby arrives, but quite frankly, that may be something that isn’t in the budget. If you’re prioritizing saving money for the baby’s arrival, a quick weekend getaway or night away could do the trick to reset your relationship and enjoy one last weekend alone before the baby arrives! Even if this isn’t your first child, you could always have a close friend/family member keep your other children to enjoy some much needed and deserved alone time! 

12. Spa

Being pregnant for nine months takes its toll on your body! There are so many changes going on in the inside as well as on the outside, and a romantic night away at a spa or resort might just be perfect! You and your spouse could enjoy a romantic evening paired with a much deserved couples massage to help ease some of your pregnancy pains while feeling more connected with your spouse than ever! 

13. Mountains

Another fun date while pregnant could be a quick getaway to some beautiful scenery! Just picture you and the love of your life sitting on a porch in the middle of the woods drinking lemonade and watching the sunset over the mountains while discussing your future!

14. Beach/Lake

If you happen to live within driving distance to a beach or lake, that may be another great and affordable romantic date! There’s just something special about being surrounded by nature that helps slow down time and enjoy each other’s company! 

In Conclusion…

Dating your spouse throughout your pregnancy is one of the most important things you can do! When your precious little one arrives, there are going to be some really big changes, and it’s crucial that you set a good foundation for prioritizing your relationship sooner than later! 

I hope that this list gave you some exciting and fun date ideas that you can try out throughout your pregnancy! 

14 fun date ideas while pregnant

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