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How the Freely Rooted Course Changed My Life + Review

From sourdough bread to adrenal cocktails, who wouldn’t enjoy a pro-metabolic diet? Truthfully, when I stumbled on Kori Meloy’s Instagram 2 years ago, I was simply intrigued. But after following everything she teaches in her Freely Rooted Course, I’m convinced every woman needs to go through it because it changed my life forever.

My Life BEFORE I Took the Freely Rooted Course

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I don’t even want to remember this version of myself, but I think it’s important to share what my life was like before I started implementing a pro-metabolic lifestyle.


  • Always Tired/ Fatigue
  • Always Starving
  • Irritable/Anger
  • Sometimes Painful Cramping During Period
  • Anxiety
  • Stressed

When I first found Kori, I was 9 month postpartum with my first. I assumed all my symptoms were just a result of being a new mom. My daughter hadn’t slept since she hit the 4-month sleep regression and I was at the end of my rope.

When I read that the Freely Rooted Course helped many women get rid of their anxiety, I bought the course.

My Pro-Metabolic Health Journey

My symptoms weren’t cured overnight, but after 2 months of adapting the things, I learned in the Freely Rooted Course, I began noticing small victories. The first thing I celebrated was more energy! Instead of feeling sleepy by 4:00, I was energized and ready to tackle the end of our day.

Here Are Things that Have Improved Since Going PM:

  • Stable Energy Throughout the Day
  • Feeling Full and Satisfied After Meals
  • Less Stressed
  • Less Anxious
  • No Pain Before or During My Period

Truthfully, I went into this hoping that all my anxiety would go away. Although I do still have anxious thoughts every now and again, after taking Kori’s Freely Rooted Course, I feel a dramatic difference.

[Read About How I Healed My Anxiety Here]

My HONEST Review of the Freely Rooted Course

the Freely Rooted Course review main image

If you couldn’t tell from my story, I’m a huge believer (and fan) of the Freely Rooted Course. It’s changed the trajectory of my health journey. If I hadn’t purchased the course, I wouldn’t have been able to connect with the women in the Facebook Group (I’ll share more on this later).. they are a HUGE reason why I believe in a holistic approach.

With that being said, what you will find in my review is everything I love about it… and will hopefully give you the confidence to buy it!

Alrighty, let’s get into what you can expect from the Freely Rooted Course.

Who’s Kori Meloy?

In case you stumbled on this post and have no idea who the creator is, I want to introduce you!

about kori meloy

When I first discovered her, I was amazed at all of the health issues she had overcome. This really inspired me to heal my anxiety and gave me so much hope!

What to Expect From The Freely Rooted Course

This course will make you feel 100% ready and equipped to start your pro-metabolic journey. After each module, I felt excited to begin implementing the things I had just learned.

Some Things I LOVED About Her Course

  1. There is so much amazing information.
  2. It’s easy to apply.
  3. She walks you through each step.
  4. You can listen to or watch each module.
  5. It’s changed my relationship with food.
  6. The Facebook Group is invaluable.

What’s Included in the Freely Rooted Course

The amount of information in this course is amazing. Many of the Modules include downloadable PDFs, which are really helpful. Here are the Modules that are included in her course:

  1. Metabolism 101: Everything You Need to Know About it + How it Affects Your Health
  2. Diet Culture: This Section Really Breaks Down Why “Dieting” isn’t Benefiting You
  3. Nourishment: Deep Dive Into Macronutrients + How they Benefit You
  4. Eating to Thrive: How Much to Eat, What To Eat, When to Eat, + Putting it All into Action
  5. Moving to Thrive: Complete Guide on How to Support Your Body Through Exercise
  6. Lifestyle: This includes all the things from EMF, Bluelight Glasses to Supplements and Groceries

What I’ve Learned after Taking the Freely Rooted Course

If you were to ask my husband how I’ve changed over the last two years, he would probably tell you I’ve done a complete 180. I would definitely consider myself a “crunchy” mama now. Whenever something arises, I look to take a holistic approach.

When it comes to my “diet” and lifestyle, that’s also improved greatly. Here are the things I’ve learned since going PM:

  1. Eat Breakfast ASAP
  2. Consume Enough Calories
  3. Focus on Nutrient Dense Foods
  4. Replenish Minerals
  5. Stress is Stress.. Doesn’t Matter if it’s Good or Bad
  6. Look for foods that are Bioavailable
  7. Listen to What Your Body is Saying
  8. Most Symptoms can be healed by Food
  9. Too Much Estrogen is Bad for Your Body

How PM Changed My Pregnancy

With my second daughter, I had been eating PM for about 6 months before getting pregnant. I was shocked at how drastically different I felt from my first pregnancy.

I remember with my first, my nausea was horrible and I was so tired. When I got pregnant again, I was so fearful of feeling like this again. I did have some food aversions and a slight queasy feeling on some days, but nothing like the first time around.

Overall, I had a really easy and healthy pregnancy. I was actually able to carry my youngest to term! My Oldest was born at 36 weeks, so my goal was to make it to 37 this time…. and surprisingly I didn’t go into labor until 39 weeks .

I should mention that my second daughter was diagnosed with CHD. Although I fully believe this was because I was advised to get *poked* to prevent getting sick (if you know you know), I still feel like I need to mention this.

How PM Changed My Postpartum Experience

Both of my postpartum experiences were very traumatic. So, I feel like I can truly tell you the difference in how the pro-metabolic lifestyle helped.

I remember when my first was in the NICU, I barely ate, I was so tired, and my milk supply was out of control!

With my second, I prioritized nutrition and mineral intake, so I think that had a lot to do with why I was able to heal quicker and I had more energy… even though I had two children.

I also want to note my mood differences. With my first, I experienced a lot of anger. I that had a lot to do with my blood sugar getting low and my hormones being out of balance.

I have noticed a bit of anger during my second postpartum experience, but it’s infinitely better. As long as I eat throughout the day, take my beef liver, and enjoy an adrenal cocktail.. I have wayyyyyyy more patience.

PM Has Changed the Way I View Health

I used to think that getting different diseases was inevitable. But ever since discovering PM and deep diving into the holistic world, I feel like we can prevent these things. Our food and toxin load plays a huge part in our health.

I have to admit that when my daughter was diagnosed with CHD, I felt like we couldn’t eat a PM “diet.” My husband and I vowed to create a lifestyle for our daughter to thrive and we weren’t sure what kind of “diet” she would need. After we talked to the nutritionist at the hospital, I was devastated. She gave me the “heart healthy” diet pamphlet and as I read it over, I was so confused about what was healthy.

Over the next 6 months, I kept eating PM myself…. but I decided to go into research mode to find what was best for my daughter.

But in the meantime, I highly recommend reading the book “Human Heart, Cosmic Heart.” This brought me so much clarity and hope. It confirmed everything I ever learned from PM and how it will benefit my daughter’s health.

My Thoughts..

I truly believe that God led me to Kori’s course as a reminder to get back to the way He intended for our life to be. We were created to live off the land and to enjoy the food He created; not that someone invented for us.

I hope this review on the Freely Rooted Course helps you to make a decision… and ultimately leads you into diving into your own health journey.

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