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25 First Time Mom Pregnancy Tips for the Best Experience EVER

Do you want the best pregnancy experience for your first baby? After having my daughter, I realized that there was so much I wish I had done. Looking back I could have had an amazing pregnancy if I had made these first time mom pregnancy tips a priority!

During my first pregnancy, I worried about all the wrong things. I was focused on being productive, looking good, and preparing for labor. This means I hardly slept, I never wore comfy clothes, and I forgot to prepare for postpartum. 

This blog post is sponsored by Kindred Bravely. Although I am working with Kindred Bravely, I am always honest! All the thoughts and opinions are from my own experience. The links below are affiliate links, which means I will make a small commission – if you purchase through it. This is at no extra cost to you.

Anyhow, my goal is to give you ALL the information you NEED to know for your first pregnancy. Being a first time mom isn’t easy, but you can make this the BEST experience of your life – just by applying these tips!

25 First Time Mom Pregnancy Tips

first time mom pregnancy tips for the best pregnancy from a second time mom

I really wish I had a seasoned mama give me REAL advice during my pregnancy. Moms love to share their birthing experience and scary pregnancy stories, but rarely give tips on how to enjoy it. Even though nine months feels like an eternity, it’s such a short season! These 25 First time mom pregnancy tips will help you to not only enjoy this journey but will help you to have a healthy pregnancy too!

1. Interview Different Providers

It’s a really good idea to interview potential providers because if you don’t like them you don’t have to waste their time (or yours). I had no idea that you could do this. If you aren’t sure if want an OBGYN or midwife, I highly recommend setting up a meet and greet.

I actually wrote a whole post on how to choose the best provider for you!


I’m talking appointments, cravings, + stories…. every little thing! It’s amazing how much you forget happened during your pregnancy! I look back at my journals and find myself feeling so grateful that I documented (most of) it. Even if you aren’t good at writing, you can try journal prompts to help you keep these memories!

3. Take Naps

Seriously… this is your excuse to sleep more. I’m actually not a nap person, but I was so tired during the first trimester, I definitely needed them. Sometimes I would choose to be productive over getting some extra sleep and I really regretted that.

Our bodies are working so hard, they need sleep! When I went to my first prenatal appointment for my second pregnancy, this was the very first thing she told me. I kind of rolled my eyes thinking “how do you sleep with a very active toddler?”.. But she explained the importance of naps…… and now I take one every day!


Kindred Bravely Outfit Review First trimester pregnant mom walking
Outfit: Kindred Bravely Bamboo Nursing Hoodie (Size: M) + Louisa Maternity & Postpartum Support Leggings (Size: M) [For reference, I’m 5’5 140lbs and 10 Weeks pregnant]

In both of my pregnancies, I made it a priority to walk every single day. Yes, this means rain or shine… cold or hot. I truly believe this helped me during labor. (If you haven’t read my first birth story make sure you check it out!)

Anyhow, there are so many benefits to walking throughout your pregnancy; It helps fight constipation, back pain, and even helps maintain a healthy weight. Both of my midwives said that walking should be the #1 form of exercise throughout pregnancy. 

I love to listen to walking meditations on the Expectful app.

Another tip for walking, get a belly support band. In the second trimester, you may notice a pulling sensation. My midwife said it was ligaments stretching… and this belly support band helped with that so much!

5. Eat Healthy (80% of the time)

We all fight those pregnancy cravings (I’m talking to you Reese’s). Focus on eating healthy 80% of the time and then indulge in those cravings the other 20%! I found that the more I ignored the cravings the more I wanted them.

You will need to pick up the book “Real Food for Pregnancy” by Lily Nichols! This is my favorite guide to eating healthy during pregnancy. I actually did a whole review on it, so you can check that out here!

6. Get a Pregnancy Pillow

Every pregnant lady needs to invest in a pregnancy pillow. You will be forever grateful!! 

Sleeping is such a challenge during pregnancy. Between back pain and needing belly support, having a pillow that does it all will save your sanity.

I loved my C-shape Pillow so much that I wrote an entire review and how-to tutorial on it!

7. Try a Belly Band

If you are dealing with bloat in the first trimester, you need a belly band! These are actually used to go over your jeans so they can be converted into maternity pants.

Pro: During the first trimester, it will keep your pants from digging into your belly.

Con: The bigger you get, the more noticeable the jeans button and zipper become.

8. Drink LOTS of Water 

I know this is obvious, but you will NEED to drink a ton of water during your pregnancy. It will help keep you from getting constipated, increases your energy, and decreases your risk of a urinary tract infection (just to name a few).

I know that it’s not necessarily easy to drink water all day, so find ways to spice it up! My midwife gave me an amazing pregnancy tea and sometimes I add lemon or different fruits. This encourages me to stay hydrated throughout the day.

9. Get a Water Bottle you ACTUALLY Like

While we are on the topic of water, you NEED a water bottle you actually like. I was surprised how much more water I would drink if I had a bottle I liked.

You may have to buy a few before you find your favorite, but it’s absolutely worth it!

10. Shop Around for a Stroller and Crib

I HIGHLY recommend shopping around for a stroller and crib. Take a trip to your local Buy Buy Baby, Target, or Nordstrom to test out all your favorites.

While we were stroller shopping, our “favorite” stroller broke while we were using it – which really surprised us! If you plan on having multiple kiddos keep that in mind as well.

11. INVEST in Maternity Clothes

first trimester pregnancy outfit why you need to invest in maternity clothes
Outfit: Kindred Bravely Bamboo Everyday Nursing & Maternity T-shirt (Size: M) + Louisa Maternity & Postpartum Support Leggings (Size: M) [For reference, I’m 5’5 140lbs and 10 Weeks pregnant]

This is one of the biggest mistakes I made during my first pregnancy. I did most of my shopping at Target and had to throw away everything after giving birth. They were completely worn out.

Especially if you plan on having more kids, you will be grateful to have high-quality maternity clothes. I was stunned when I opened my sample box from Kindred Bravely. Their clothes are seriously the BEST quality on the market. Not to mention they work for both pregnancy and postpartum.

Don’t be afraid to purchase these during your first trimester! With my second pregnancy, I started wearing my Kindred Bravely clothes around 8 weeks. I was all about comfort this time around (which we will talk about in a minute!)

Here are the clothing staples that you NEED to buy high quality for:

12. Prioritize Comfort

Outfit: Kindred Bravely Everyday Lounge Joggers (Size: M) [For reference, I’m 5’5 140lbs and 10 Weeks pregnant]

Between an achy back and extra weight, I wish I did this during my first pregnancy. Your body is working so hard to create this little human it deserves a little bit of comfort.

 I just mentioned maternity clothes, but they help out with comfort. I love Kindred Bravely’s supportive tank top. I was all belly during my pregnancies, so it helped with round ligament pain and stretching.

Here are my top 3 tips for staying comfortable during pregnancy:

  1. Get leggings for the first trimester
  2. Wear Nursing Bras to help with your growing shape.
  3. Invest in a Pregnancy Pillow

13. Don’t Worry about Stretch Marks

During my first pregnancy, I was super worried about stretch marks. I found out that they are hereditary, so there isn’t much you can do to prevent them. 

Definitely get a good pregnancy belly lotion!! With my first, I used Earth Mamas Belly Butter, but this time around I’m trying out Kindred Bravely’s sister brand Sensible – Organic Belly Balm!

If your skin is well hydrated, you have less of a chance of getting stretch marks. Plus, as your belly stretches you may start to feel itchy; Lotion helps to soothe this as well!

14. Treat Yourself to a Prenatal Massage

I didn’t do this until my second pregnancy and gosh it was worth every penny. Our bodies are enduring so much stress. It’s important to give ourselves a little extra attention, which will also help to lower our stress levels.

I had no idea how many benefits there are to prenatal massages, but I’m a believer that they will help you have the healthiest pregnancy possible. 

15. Invest in AMAZING Nursing Bras

kindred bravely nursing bra for pregnancy and postpartum
Nursing Bra by Kindred Bravely – Ultra Comfort Smooth Classic Nursing Bra (Size Large)

I’ve mentioned this a couple of times, but seriously INVEST in a nursing bra. I truly couldn’t have lived without mine. They are so comfortable and give you the support you need, without underwires digging into your sides.

The reason I recommend getting them during pregnancy is because, with my first, I changed cup sizes multiple times. At first, I was buying regular bras only to then throw them out a month later.

You will love these for nursing, they make your breastfeeding experience so much smoother. My favorite nursing bra right now is Kindred Bravely’s Ultra Comfort Smooth Classic Nursing Bra… it’s totally worth it!

16. Focus on having a Positive Birth Story

Did you know that even with a “traumatic” experience, moms have a positive birth story? I can attest to this! Although my daughter had to go to the NICU, I had a really positive birth experience. (Check out My First Birth Story Here)

Watch positive birth vlogs on Youtube, create a calming birth playlist, and research everything about birth. Going into labor prepared for every scenario will help you to stay positive throughout the entire process.

17. Sign Up for a Birth Class

If you are giving birth at a hospital, they will encourage you to attend their birthing classes. Although they give you some basic information, it’s not nearly enough.

If you are planning to have a natural childbirth, you will want to have pain management techniques, maybe hypnobirthing tracks, and exercises to help prepare you for labor. My favorite Birth Class is by Mama Natural….. this course saved my daughter’s life (you can read about it here).

18. Write Your Birth Plan

You want your support team ALL to be on the same page and having a written birth plan will ensure that they understand what your wishes are.

My husband and I were really clear about NOT wanting interventions. Funny enough our hospital midwife for my first wanted to start Pitocin when I got to the hospital, I quickly declined. After that point, we were all on the same page, but it took a lot of reminding. Don’t be afraid to speak up and ask a lot of questions!

19. Use a Birth Ball to Prepare for Labor

From the second trimester on, I prepared for labor with birth ball exercises. I truly believe it helped to open up my pelvis. It also just felt really good to stretch out my back.

You can check out Bridget Teyler’s Birth Ball exercises video.. this is what I used!

20. Pack your Hospital Bag 1 month before your Due Date

Two days before I went into labor I packed my hospital bag…. I was 36 weeks and had NO plans on my water breaking. I was so glad to have everything ready because I know we would have forgotten things if I didn’t. 

You can check out everything I packed in my hospital bag for my first pregnancy!

21. Plan for Postpartum

Being a first time mom you are probably ultra-focused on giving birth. BUT you must do some research on postpartum. I really forgot about this part, so I felt completely unprepared when I came home from the hospital.

I ended up writing a whole post about everything you need for postpartum, so you aren’t running out to the store once you get home!

22. Prepare for Breastfeeding

First time moms need to do some research on how to breastfeed. I was under the assumption that it just happened. But after working with the NICU team, I realized there was a little more to it. 

You will want to be prepared for engorgement, clogged ducts, a good latch, and positions. This will help you to have the best breastfeeding experience. 

23. Begin Praying for your Baby and Birth

From the moment you get pregnant start praying for your baby!! God has given you this precious gift to grow, love, and carry. As you get closer to labor begin praying for your midwife, doctor, nurses, and birthing team! You can pray for God’s will to be done with your birth too.

If you aren’t sure how to begin praying for your baby, you can download my FREE pregnancy prayer cards!

24. Avoid Caffeine

This is at the bottom of the list because I feel like it’s pretty obvious, but in case you had no idea you want to limit your caffeine intake. I was shocked that caffeine was hidden in so many foods! I ended up switching to decaf and limiting how much chocolate I had.

Here are some awesome coffee alternatives that are decaf-free!!

25. Exercise Often

Lastly, make sure you exercise often. I mentioned walking and the birth ball earlier, but you can also include yoga or pilates. You just need to modify these exercises for pregnancy.

Exercise will help your mood, stress and will help you maintain a healthy weight throughout your pregnancy!

Final Thoughts about First Time Mom Pregnancy..

This season is such an exciting time and you want to enjoy every second of it. Focus on these 26 First Time Mom Pregnancy tips to help you have a happy and healthy pregnancy. I’m so excited for you to become a mom…. It’s truly amazing!

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