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Sneak Peak Into a First Time Mom’s Daily Routine + 7 Tips to Stick with it

Being a first-time mom means everything is new. Your whole schedule and routine is changed the day you bring your baby home. After the newborn phase is over, many moms are anxious to settle into their new role. But, what does a first time mom’s daily routine even look like?

Around three months postpartum, I wanted to start a daily routine. I knew that it was important for my daughter and I to have a schedule, so that we would both know what to expect. 

But to my surprise, that wasn’t easy! Especially since I have a type-A personality. 

Almost EVERY day my new routine would get ruined by an early wake-up or an unexpected poopy diaper. I wanted to give up on having any kind of schedule. But 10 months later, I’ve found a good rhythm that feels healthy for our family.

My First Time Mom Daily Routine

I’m going to break this up into Morning, Afternoon, and Evening. But, you may want to think about this in blocks around your child’s nap time. This way it can change as your child grows.

I want to share with you some tips that have helped me to be consistent with a routine even after she dropped a nap. I wanted to share these first, but I will include them after I share my first time mom daily routine, in case you just wanted a glimpse of my day.

Here is a day-in-the-life vlog of my daily routine, so you can see how my day is structured!

Morning Routine for Moms with Babies

1. Change + Feed Baby

2. Shower

3. Playtime with Baby

(NOTE:) I think it’s super important to have play time with baby. Since the morning is her shortest wake window, I get on the floor and play with my daughter.

4. Breakfast for Mama

5. Walk

(NOTE:) I never plan anything during my walk, but sometimes I pray and other times I give my mom a call. This time can also double as self-care by listening to a podcast, worship music, or an audiobook!

6. Nap-time

During this time I usually get ready, do some laundry, and pick up the house. But, it really depends on how long my daughter sleeps for.

Afternoon Routine

baby playing on the floor

1. Change + Feed Baby

2. Eat Lunch

3. Play Together

5. Free Play/Prep Dinner

(NOTE:) Letting our kiddos explore on their own is really important for their development. I usually put my daughter in the pack-n-play while I chop things up for dinner or put it in the Instant Pot.

5. OR Run Errands

On days when I need to run errands, I will do them after her first nap since that’s her longer wake window! I skip the prepping dinner and do something easy on that night. I usually try to plan it where her nap time will be on the way home so that she falls asleep in the car. 

4. Nap-Time

 Her last nap is typically pretty short, so I will get some work done for the blog!

Evening Routine for New Moms

Mom working on laptop

1. Change + Feed Baby

2. Play Together

Since my husband is usually home from work, he likes to play with our daughter. Sometimes they just hang out around the house and other times they head out to the park. This gives me a bit of time to work or get things done around the house.

3. Free Play/Cook Dinner

4. Eat Dinner as a Family

5. Walk

My husband and I always go on a walk together. We always enjoy catching up on how our day went. It’s a great time to reconnect with one another!

6. Bedtime Routine for Baby (Bath, Feeding, Book, Song)

7. Bed-Time

I always sit down and work for a little while. I like to make some tea or a little dessert and enjoy that. Then I get ready for bed and I typically spend about 20 minutes doing this. I look at this time as self-care! Then my husband and I snuggle in bed and catch up on whatever show we are watching!

7 Tips for Sticking to a First Time Mom Daily Routine

After reading through my daily routine, I bet you have some ideas of what you would like your day to look like! Which is such an awesome feeling! But, sticking with it is HARD. Especially since babies are unpredictable. Here are my 6 tips that have helped me to stick with my daily routine.

Tip #1 – It’s a Rhythm

I actually cringed each time I had to write the word schedule or routine in this post. I like to think of my day as a rhythm. 

It has a pattern that often repeats itself, but it’s part of the natural flow of our day. Having a schedule that is jam packed or forced, will make it difficult to stick with it. This leads me to my next point.

Tip #2 – Only Include what is NECESSARY

I get discouraged when my schedule is thrown off or something in my routine is missed. So, I only include the things that are necessary. 

For example, taking a shower in the morning is important for me to feel human. So, that must get done! 

But, did notice how I didn’t mention anything about reading my Bible? That’s because I do it at some point during the day, but every day is different. This isn’t part of my routine. If I can’t sit down and read my Bible, it’s totally fine because I typically pray and have a conversation with God during my walk. This takes a LOT of pressure off of me and helps me to be okay when things don’t go to plan.

Tip #3 – Don’t Worry About the Order

Like I said earlier, I like to think of my day in blocks. Right now, my daughter is taking two naps, so in my mind, I have four blocks. During this time, I have things that need to get accomplished, but the order doesn’t matter.

This structure helps me to get the necessary things done and roll with the uncertainties of the day. I feel like this mindset shift has helped me to become more flexible as a mom.

Tip #4 – Nap-Time is YOU time.

I know that this feels hard especially when you have laundry piling up. But, I try to take one of my daughter’s naps to focus on me. 

When she was taking three naps per day, this was WAY easier. Now that she only takes two, I tend to give myself 30 minutes during one of them to practice a little self-care. Whether that means doing yoga or reading a book, this little practice has made me feel like a better mom.

Tip #5 – Write it down.

You don’t have to be fancy and have laminated wall art! Just get a piece of paper and get an idea of what you want your day to look like. This will help you remember all the things you need to do during each block.

Tip #6 – Don’t FILL your Day Up.

This is similar to only include what is necessary, but allow room for changes and hiccups. For example, I don’t ever have an exact plan for nap times. What I need to get done during this time changes day to day.

I feel like this gives me wiggle room, so I don’t stress when things don’t go to plan.

Tip #7 Let your Routine Evolve

Your little one is going to change SO much during the first year. When creating your routine know that it’s going to change over time. 

Your little one’s naps, playtime, and feedings will look drastically different throughout their first year. Take notice of these changes and use it as an opportunity to revamp your daily routine!

Wrap Up….

Having a routine as a first time mom can help you to be more productive and will give baby an idea of what to expect. Hopefully, my daily routine has inspired you to start your own. If you follow my 7 EASY tips, you will definitely succeed in sticking to it!

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