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19 of the Sweetest First Time Grandparent Announcement Gift Ideas

You just took a pregnancy test, and it’s positive! Next you share the exciting news with your partner. Then you celebrate the thought of bringing this bundle of joy into the world! Finally you guys decide it’s time to tell your parents and his…but how?

Sharing the news of your pregnancy with your parents, and in-laws, is one of the most memorable moments for the both of you, especially when this is their first grandchild. There are so many different first time grandparent announcement gift ideas out there, and it may be hard to choose.

You may have spent hours on Etsy or Amazon looking for the perfect gift… so we thought we would share some of our favorite ideas with you. You will find everything from thoughtful to brag worthy gifts in this guide. We hope to give you inspiration for unique, special, and fun gift ideas to announce your pregnancy to your parents.

11 First Time Grandparent Announcement Ideas

At Bless Our Littles, we like to talk about things we love and think you might enjoy too.  Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. Which means we will receive a commission, if you click on a link and make a purchase. This is no extra cost to you. There are some products we have tried and others that we haven’t but think would  make the perfect gift!

1. Pregnancy Secret Message Announcement

If you are looking for something that doesn’t scream…. “PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT”…. this is the perfect gift for you! This announcement scroll comes in a regular gift box, so they will never know the news you are about to share with them!

The secret message is custom so you can change it to whatever you would like! They simply unscroll it to reveal the message! This first time grandparent announcement gift idea is subtle and adorable! 

2. Grandbaby Growing In your Heart Ornament & Poem

This Ultrasound Ornament is the perfect keepsake for grandparents to be! The poem is so nicely written through the perspective of your new little baby.

This ornament can be hung in the home and would look perfect with almost any home decor. Of course, this would also look beautiful hung on a Christmas Tree. It’s a sweet memory of the year your parents become grandparents.

3. Letters to My Grandchild Journal

This journal will be sure to surprise your parents! As they unwrap their gift, the words “Letters to my Grandchild” will give them a hint that you are pregnant.

To personalize it, you could write the baby’s due date and add your ultrasound photo to the first page! This present is also a beautiful way for your parents to document their grandchild’s life, along with giving some words of wisdom!

Down the road, this would be great to give back to their grandchild as a birthday or high school graduation gift. Grandparents can write life lessons they have learned, advice they want to pass on or sweet stories from their grandchild’s life.

4.  Grandparent’s House Sign

What do New Grandparent’s need most?! A wood sign for their home…… so everybody knows they are going to be grandparents! This farmhouse style sign will look perfect with almost any decor style too! It’s a great keepsake that will remind them of the year they became grandparents!

5. Scratch off  “You’re going to be a Grandparent” Card

Scratch off cards are such a fun way to tell your parent’s your pregnant! Be sure to include a lucky dime too…. so they can scratch off their secret message! If you are wanting to preserve the card so it can be remembered for years to come, you could include a frame to display it in.

6. Wine Label or Beer Label Announcement

Make sure your parent’s read the fine print before popping this wine bottle! This is perfect for grandparents who enjoy a glass of wine! It would be fun to host a dinner and change the label of their favorite wine. 

If your parents are more into beer, this label will be sure to surprise them! Get together for a picnic and put a few of these labels on a case of beer. They won’t see this news coming!

7. “You’re going to be a…..” Spoon Set

Aren’t these hand stamped spoons the cutest?!  You could make your parents favorite dessert, some coffee and serve it with these “You’re going to be a grandparent” Spoon Set!

After your announcement, these spoons would look adorable displayed in a shadow box as a special reminder!

8. Grandma and Grandpa Est. in……Picture Frame

How about a keepsake that the first-time grandparents can enjoy and display in their home for all to see? With a picture frame announcement, you can simply add an ultrasound picture and watch the love and adoration on their face, as they get a first glimpse of their first grandchild.

9. Grandma & Grandpa Established Mug Set

Do your parent’s love coffee or tea? Announcing your pregnancy with these cute mugs are the perfect gift! You could invite your parents over for breakfast or dessert and tell them the exciting news by serving their coffee in these mugs.

After your announcement, the can be reminded every morning of the year they became grandparents.

10. “You’re  going to be Grandparents” Puzzle

puzzle is such a fun way to announce that you are pregnant! You could invite your parents over for dinner and put it together afterwards! If your parents are long distance, sending it in the mail and having them put the puzzle together over Facetime or Skype is another cute way to tell them!

11. Promoted To Grandparents T-Shirt

Becoming a first time grandparent is something to be proud of! Your parents will love receiving these t-shirts and then showing them off to their friends.

I love that this is a set, so grandma and grandpa both get something to remember this moment by. In addition, this is a great gift that is both useful and practical.

3 First Time Grandma Announcement Gift Ideas 

Becoming a grandmother for the first time is such a sweet moment. If you’re looking for something special for that spectacular mother or mother-in-law in your life, here are three ideas that are specific to all the amazing future grandmothers out there! 

1. International Morse Code Bracelet

What first time grandma wouldn’t love a piece of unique jewelry to show off to all of her friends the exciting news? This first time grandma announcement bracelet is sure to bring attention with “Grandma” spelled out in Morse code. It is a subtle and beautiful reminder to the first-time grandma-to-be that the best gift is yet to come! 

2. Custom Decorative Pillow

Throw pillows are the perfect gift for any grandma-to-be. Whether she puts it in her favorite chair for all visitors to see or uses it to help decorate her guest room where the baby will nap, this beautiful, stylish reminder will be sure to bring tears to grandma’s eyes. 

3. I Love You, Grandma Book

If your mom loves to read, find a special grandma book that she can read to baby. You could write a little note in the front cover, along with the date, so she never forgets it!

3 First Time Grandpa Announcement Gift Ideas

Maybe you would like to find a way to tell your father or father-in-law that is specific to him? These first-time grandpa announcement gift ideas are great for watching the man in your life get the surprise of his life! 

1. Fishing Lure

Maybe you want to share the big news by surprising your dad or father-in-law with a one-of-a-kind fishing lure. There’s just something special about picturing your little one getting quality time with their grandpa! This first-time grandpa announcement will leave a lasting impression about all of the fun memories to come.

2. Whiskey Glass or Beer Glass

Whether the grandpa-to-be in your family prefers beer or whiskey, there’s a custom first time grandpa announcement for that! Imagine offering to make your dad his drink of choice, coming back from the kitchen, and handing him this glass! What a fun way to share the news! 

You can personalize both glasses to state the established date of when they became both a father and a grandfather! Such an exciting keepsake as a first-time grandpa announcement! 

Can you imagine the look on your father’s face when he opens the box to these custom cufflinks? From now on, any special occasion he dresses up for, he can be reminded of all the great things ahead that come with being a first-time grandpa! 

2 First Time Great-Grandparent Announcement Gift Ideas

The transition from parents to grandparents is life changing, but what about the transition from grandparents to great-grandparents? You don’t want to leave the first-time great grandparents from all the excitement and celebration! 

Learning that there will be a new bundle of joy and a new generation in the family will be sure to melt any great-grandparent-to-be’s heart, and why not do something a little extra to make the moment memorable with one of these first time great-grandparent announcement ideas.

1. Count Your Blessings – Sign

It may take your grandparents a few seconds to read this one, but they are sure to be shocked when they realize it says “great-grandkids.” I love that they can hang this up in their home, as a constant reminder of all the beautiful family they have.

2. Personalized Hand-stamped Keychain

This keychain is such a sweet little keepsake to surprise your grandparents with. It will be a nice daily reminder of the day they became great-grandparents.

3 Tips on Surprising your Parents with Baby News

There are so many things to consider when deciding on your pregnancy announcement! How long should you wait? Who should you tell first? What will be the best way? No matter what questions are running through your head, here are the three main tips to surprising your parents with the news of your baby! 

Plan Ahead

Announcing your pregnancy is one of the most exciting moments for you and your family. To make the moment even more special, make sure you take into account the details. Some announcement ideas will involve you ordering items, making items, or gathering family together. Make sure you take your time to plan ahead, getting all the details in order to make this announcement the best it can be!

Document it

Announcing that you’re expecting to your parents is something that you will never forget. However, it’s always nice to be able to look back and see everyone’s genuine reactions. Whether you can set up your phone in a secret place, have another family member record, or simply pretend you’re taking pictures, the documented moment will become one of your most cherished times to go back and watch. Who knows? It might even become a viral video!

Make it personal

No matter how you announce your pregnancy, it will be memorable, especially if it is for first time grandparents! But the more you take into account their personality, style, and interests, the more special it will feel! 

Wrap Up…..

Keeping these tips in mind, we hope that these first-time grandparent announcement gift ideas will help make your announcement even more special. With a little planning ahead and thoughtfulness, this is a moment that will be cherished by you and your family for years to come! 

First time grandparent pregnancy announcement gift ideas

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