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5 Unique Fall Baby Shower Ideas – Themes, Games, Food, and MORE

Planning a baby shower in the fall means cool weather and cozy vibes! There is so much you can do to make this party something that mom to be will remember! I have some unique fall baby shower ideas for every apsect of the party; from choosing a theme to autumn inspired party favors.

fall baby shower ideas for themes games food and more

5 Fall Baby Shower Theme Ideas

At Bless Our Littles, we like to talk about things we love and think you might enjoy too.  Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links (see disclosure here). This means we will receive a commission if you click on a link and make a purchase. This is no extra cost to you. There are some products we have tried and others that we haven’t but think would be helpful to you! 

Specifically for baby showers, invitations are the cornerstone of any theme! They let your future guests know what to expect and what the shower will be like. In a sense, they set the mood and the tone for your baby shower. Because of this, invitation examples will be provided to each theme idea.

From the color scheme to the actual decor, everything typically revolves around the invitation. Once you have a beautiful invitation, all of the other things fall into place. It will be so much easier to pick decor, menus, and games once you have set the invitation. In each of these themes, we’re providing invitation inspiration for a boy baby shower, girl baby shower, and a gender neutral baby shower. No matter if you know the gender or not, there is a perfectly themed fall baby shower out there for you! 

1. “Fall in Love”

The fall baby shower theme of “fall in love” or “falling in love with baby” is a precious play on words that also ties with the theme of a fall baby shower. There are so many different customizable invitations out there that utilize this phrase in a variety of different looks and color schemes. Here are some sample invitations to serve as inspiration for the “fall in love” theme.

Invitation Inspiration:

Boy Invitation
fall in love baby shower invitation

This invitation actually comes in options for blue OR pink banners! It’s got everything: fall leaves, pumpkins, and all of the colors that go along with it. The splash of blue on the banner will let your guests know that your fall baby shower is all about that beautiful baby boy!

Girl Invitation
fall in love baby shower invitation for baby girl

How adorable is this invitation that combines the fall theme with the prettiest blush pink!? This is a gorgeous, yet subtle take on the fall theme for a baby girl. As inspiration for the theme, it’s easy to picture flowers similar to the ones on the invitation as decorations all over the baby shower in beautiful, yet simple vases. 

Gender Neutral Invitation
fall in love gender neutral baby shower invitation

This invitation is the perfect example of how fall baby showers are so easy to transition into a gender neutral baby shower. You can simply play up the browns and deep reds of fall if you are waiting to find out the gender of your precious little miracle! 

2. Little Pumpkin

“Little pumpkin” themed baby showers are another perfect fall baby shower idea that uses wordplay in the most adorable sense! This theme also lends itself to be really easy to decorate for with pumpkins everywhere as centerpieces and place fillers around a buffet or food table. For some inspiration on color themes, be sure to check out the invitations below! 

Invitation Inspiration:

Boy invitation
blue little pumpkin baby shower invitation for baby boy

This invitation is perfect for the mama who wants to go with a fall theme, but still really wants to keep with the traditional baby blue! This invitation sets the stage for a whimsical baby shower that is beautifully understated! 

Girl Invitation
pink little pumpkin girl baby shower invitation

Similar to the boy invitation, this girl invitation for a “little pumpkin” themed fall baby shower is for the mama who loves all things pink! This is such a classy and beautiful way to incorporate pinks into a fall themed baby shower! 

Gender Neutral Invitation
gender neutral white pumpkin baby shower invitation

Can we just talk about how GORGEOUS this gender neutral themed invitation is? The fall neutrals are done perfectly with the white pumpkin on the front in this invitation. It will then lead to a beautifully decorated baby shower filled with soft browns, white pumpkins, and burlap decorations.

3. Fall Leaves/Floral

Though the play on words is absolutely adorable, some mamas may wish to have more of a simplistic theme for their fall baby shower! If this is the case, you could simply incorporate fall leaves and fall florals into the invitation and decor. Depending on your style, you can do so many things with this theme. You can make it look modern, traditional, or anything in between by incorporating fall foliage. 

Invitation Inspiration:

Boy Invitation
fall leaves baby shower invitation for baby boy

Talk about modern and classy! We love how this fall baby boy shower invitation incorporates different hues of blues while also tying in fall elements such as leaves and acorns. It really leaves a lot of room for creativity when it comes to the rest of the baby shower and decorations! 

Girl Invitation
fall floral baby shower invitation for baby girl

For the fall flower/leaf theme for a baby girl, this invitation has a mix of classic and modern with a touch of whimsical. It has the oranges and browns, but also brings in some more playful colors like pastel pink and dusty blue, making it both girly and fall-themed! Again, there are so many options when you choose this one as your invitation and inspiration for your baby shower decor! 

Gender Neutral Invitation
fall gender neutral baby shower invitation

If this baby shower invitation doesn’t scream fall beauty, we don’t know what will! With reds, browns, and yellows, it will be easy to find decorations to match during the fall. The best part of all is that it doesn’t lean towards one gender or the other! It’s just a beautiful representation of an amazing fall day. 

4. “Little Turkey”–Thanksgiving Inspired 

Maybe the baby shower is later in the fall? After looking at some of these invitation inspirations, you may want to consider a Thanksgiving themed fall baby shower! Everyone will be so excited to celebrate your “little turkey” with you! 

Invitation Inspiration:

Boy Invitation
little turkey boy baby shower invitation

This invitation for your little boy is another great way to incorporate blue and fall. We absolutely love how the feathers of this watercolor turkey are blue and complement the blue lettering! This is a subtle way to incorporate Thanksgiving and fall into your baby shower.

Girl Invitation
little turkey baby shower invitation

The combination of the turkey and the beautiful flowers is absolutely gorgeous! You could use this invitation in so many different ways throughout your baby shower. Whether it’s the flowers or the color scheme, it’s sure to be a beautiful baby shower! 

Gender Neutral Invitation
thanksgiving turkey baby shower theme invitation gender neutral colors

Lastly for the “little turkey” fall baby shower idea, you could go all out in the theme of Thanksgiving! This gender neutral invitation is quintessential turkey-day and could be decorated as such for the shower! 

5. “A Baby is Brewing”–Halloween Themed

If you are looking for something a little more unique for a fall baby shower, and your baby is due around October 31, you may even like a Halloween themed baby shower! “A baby is brewing” is an adorable play on words saying that the baby is coming while also giving your guests the mental picture of a cauldron! It’s not done often, but if it’s done right, it will be a baby shower to remember! 

Depending on your style, you can make it sweet and innocent with candy corn and cobwebs or even a little spooky! Here are some invitations to serve as inspiration for the different ways you can stylize this theme.

Invitation Inspiration:

Boy Invitation
halloween boy baby shower invitation

As you can see with this boy invitation, it is all boy with a cutesy play on the Halloween theme! It incorporates the traditional orange and black with a cute pumpkin and some spiders! 

Girl Invitation
halloween girl baby shower invitation

We have never seen such an adorable way to display a Halloween themed baby shower for a girl! We can’t say enough about the precious flowers and pumpkins that are incorporated with the more traditional Halloween items such as a cauldron and bats. 

Gender Neutral Invitation
baby brewing halloween baby shower invitation

With this gender neutral Halloween-inspired invitation, it perfectly incorporates the “baby is brewing” theme with an actual cauldron! The green and black lends itself to a color scheme that is easy to follow and incorporate throughout the rest of the baby shower! 

Decoration Ideas

Once you have your invitation picked out that includes your color scheme, you are ready to start thinking about what decorations to incorporate. When planning for decorations, it’s always important to think about the layout of the venue where it will be taking place. For example, if you are having it at a friends house and they have a beautiful fireplace, you could decorate it with some pretty flowers and a banner to be the focal point when the mama opens gifts. 

Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to get beautiful fall decorations that go with your baby shower theme. Here are some of our top decoration ideas to consider…


Of course, pumpkins are at the top of our list for fall baby shower decorations! They are so easy to get and not that expensive! Especially as the fall months start, you can find pumpkins in so many different varieties, colors, sizes, and prices to fit every fall baby shower theme and budget! They’ll look great on display tables, as centerpieces, on mantles, and pretty much anywhere you can think of.

Not to mention, there are also a bunch of different ways you could decorate them if you’re feeling extra crafty! Scavenge pinterest for some awesome ideas on how to paint, decorate, add glitter, and so much more to your pumpkin. 


Flowers may not be the first thought you have when you think of a fall baby shower, but thinking back to some of those gorgeous invitations above, they can really spice things up! There are plenty of amazing flowers in the deep purples, reds, oranges, and yellows that can go with a fall themed baby shower including: goldenrods, dahlias, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, and more. 

Flowers are a great and simple way to add a lot more color and sophistication to any baby shower! 


little pumpkin girl baby shower banner

Whether it’s burlap, glitter, or fabric, banners are the perfect way to tie in your baby shower theme and add a little customization for the mama-to-be! They look great on mantles, going across buffets, hanging from windows, or even sprucing up a drab wall. 

Another big plus for using a banner is that there are countless things you can put on them. If everyone knows the baby’s name, it could simply say that. Or, it would say something that goes with the theme such as “little pumpkin”. It’s an easy decoration that adds a lot!


Our final fall baby shower decoration idea is simple, very affordable, and adds a personal touch to any baby shower. Incorporating pictures of the mom and dad-to-be as little kids is adorable and a great conversation piece for any baby shower! 

To go with the aesthetic of fall colors, you could even have them printed in either black and white or sepia and have picture frames that match the theme! 

Fall Inspired Baby Shower Menus

Now that you’ve got the theme and decorations out of the way, it’s time to start thinking about your menu for the baby shower. Most baby showers incorporate very simple finger foods and delicious treats. Here are some fall themed ideas..

Custom Cookies

fall themed baby shower custom royal icing cookies

Custom cookies are amazing! Not only do they taste delicious, but they are also a great way to tie your theme in with your food! Whether it’s a boy, girl, or gender neutral themed baby shower, you can always find custom cookies to match your needs! 

Because custom cookies are very popular right now, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding some to match your fall theme! 


Depending on the time of day of the shower, you could offer a soup bar as a bigger dish on the menu. Soups are great for the cooler weather for your guests to sample! 

Add some mini grilled cheese sandwiches, and your fall baby shower menu is pretty much complete! 

Apple Cider Punch

Most baby showers include some form of punch or beverage other than water to offer guests. Another simple way to stick with the fall theme is to have an apple cider punch! It’s a unique idea that will leave the guests wanting more! 

Baby Shower Game Ideas

Baby shower games are a fun way to liven up any baby shower! Some pertain to the mama and baby, but others are just really fun ways to pass the time! Here are three baby shower games that we love! 

Pumpkin Hunt

Continuing with the fall theme, a fun and easy game to implement at your baby shower is to have a “pumpkin hunt”. If you are using pumpkins as part of your decor, you could simply draw a star at the bottom of one of the pumpkins and whoever is the first one to find it gets a prize! 

How Many Candy Corn?

If you have a jar of candy corn (or any other small assortment of candies/treats), you could have your guests guess how many candy corn are in the jar. You could simply have small pieces of paper handy and have people submit their guesses. The person who is closest could win a fun prize! 

Mommy or Daddy

who said it printable funny baby shower game

Online, there are so many adorable printable games that you can get to match your invitations or theme. One game that is especially cute is where your guests are given a list of statements and they must choose if it sounds more like mommy or daddy. 

Shower Favor Ideas

Lastly, some baby shower hosts like having favors for the guests to part with. We’ve got some simple ideas in which you can easily incorporate your fall theme.

Custom Cookies

Again, custom cookies are so versatile! Custom cookies can not only serve as an item on the menu, but they’re also great as a party favor. They’ll match your fall theme and guests will have a delicious treat to enjoy when they get home! 


There’s nothing that screams fall more than a pumpkin spice or cinnamon cider candle. These pumpkin topped candles are adorable and another great way to stick with your theme! 

Go Bags

our little pumpkin gift bag

Our final party favor idea is one that can be tailored to your party and your group of friends and family. You can simply get a custom made baby shower party favor bag and fill it with whatever you feel your guests will enjoy most. For example, you may have a local donut shop that has amazing donuts or even a homemade trail mix. Either way, you can create your own party favor with these.

4 Tips for a Fall Baby Shower on a Budget

Any time you have a celebration or gathering, the cost of everything can add up so quickly! Starting with invitations all the way to the party favors, it can be a lot! But, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to have a wonderful baby shower that shows the mom-to-be how loved her precious miracle already is! We’ve got our four biggest money saving tips for a baby shower on a budget! 

Spread the Love 

It’s simple math if you think about it, but one of the best ways to save money is to have more hosts. By spreading out the responsibilities, you are also spreading out the total cost of the baby shower, which can make a huge difference! 

For example, let’s say that the total cost of all the food was going to be around $150. If you are the only host, then you are paying that total cost. However, if you spread the love and three friends are hosting, it’s now much more manageable at $50 each. 

Trader Joes

When shopping for decorations, such as pumpkins and flowers, be sure to hit up discount stores. One place in particular to try out is Trader Joes if you have one in your area.

Especially during the fall months, you can find pumpkins of all sizes starting at just $0.99 for the adorable tiny ones. They typically have them in all shapes and sizes! Not to mention, Trader Joes always has seasonal flowers at discounted prices. You can save so much money by buying your own flowers and pumpkins and making your own centerpieces and flower arrangements! 


Another great way to save money is to enlist your creative side and make some of the decorations yourself! As stated above, you can make your own flower arrangements for the baby shower, but you can also make your own party games, banners, etc. Wherever you feel like you can do it, you’ll always save money by doing it yourself! 


In line with the season of Thanksgiving, you can also save a great deal of money by having people bring food through a potluck. If you don’t feel comfortable asking guests to participate, again, you could simply have the hosts make their own foods for the menu and bring them. Making your own food instead of catering and purchasing will save you a great deal of money!

In Conclusion…

We hope you enjoyed this comprehensive list of all things fall baby shower inspired! Fall is such a fun time to have baby showers with such beautiful theme inspirations that we couldn’t help but try to fit in all of the cuteness! 

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fall baby shower theme ideas
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