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Do You Really Need Nursing Bras? – You Won’t Survive Without Them

While I was pregnant, I was pretty skeptical about buying nursing bras. Since I hadn’t breastfed before, I wondered ‘Do you really need a nursing bra?’ But after ten months of breastfeeding, I’ve tried every kind of bra and have found that you don’t NEED nursing bras – but they will make your life so much easier!

If this is your first time breastfeeding, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the options out there. I’m going to share what kind of bras you will ACTUALLY need for breastfeeding. This way you don’t waste time or money on anything unnecessary.

Do you need a nursing bra?

You really DON’T need a nursing bra…. But having one will make your life a lot easier.

During the newborn phase, a nursing bra comes in super handy. I was especially grateful for mine when my milk was coming in. They are so comfortable which is pretty important during the early days.

They are designed to accommodate your changing bust as you go through each phase of pregnancy and postpartum. Many bras are versatile enough that as your rib cage expands it will still fit beautifully. 

I found that after my milk regulates, a nursing bra was not as important. But, they sure are convenient!! 

Can you wear a regular bra while breastfeeding?

You absolutely can! There have been several occasions where I needed to wear a regular bra and it worked out just fine.

Just be aware that it can make latching a little more difficult for your baby. Since the bra pad doesn’t fold down, it can get in the way. But with that being said, it’s still totally doable! 

I would recommend some nursing pads though, just incase you leak! My favorites are from Kindred Bravely. You can check them out here.

What kind of nursing bras do I need?

At Bless Our Littles, we like to talk about things we love and think you might enjoy too.  Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links (see disclosure here). This means we will receive a commission if you click on a link and make a purchase. This is no extra cost to you. There are some products we have tried and others that we haven’t but think would be helpful to you! 

I’m going to break this up into three different phases, Labor/Delivery, Newborn, and Beyond. I feel like each stage requires a little something different. My body changed so much throughout my breastfeeding journey and I definitely needed different styles.

While I was pregnant, I purchased some cheaper nursing bras in hopes of saving money. Of course, I liked them, but down the road, I needed to get new ones. I would recommend investing in a few high quality bras right off the bat. This will save you money in the long run!

Best Bras for Labor/Delivery

My favorite nursing bras for labor and delivery

Do you need a bra for Labor and delivery? No, and some women prefer not to wear one at all. But, I was so glad I ended up bringing a nursing bra with me for labor.

All I remember is wanting to be comfortable. I actually used two different bras during birth, this bralette style and a cotton sleeping bra (I used this one in the shower).

Best Bras for Newborn Stage

MY favorite nursing bras for the first few months 0-3 postpartum

In the first days and weeks of postpartum your body is healing, you are sleep deprived from around-the-clock nursing, and are in bliss over your new baby. With all that being said, you really won’t care what you look like. Comfort will be your number one priority.

At this point, your milk is still adjusting and your baby is growing so breasts are constantly changing. Stay away from anything with wires, this can cause clogged ducts

My Favorite Day time Breastfeeding Bra

My go-to nursing bra was the Rock Candy Nursing Bra by Cake Maternity. (Get 10% off with Code: 0TE93DRL) I still use this one and absolutely LOVE it. It’s hands down my favorite bra I own.

What I loved….

  1. Thick Straps – This offers so much support which is important while your milk is regulating.
  2. Super Soft Fabric – This bra offers maximum comfort!
  3. Removable Pads – I think every nursing bra should have these.. It makes these early days a breeze!

My Favorite Nighttime Bra

I didn’t realize I would need a bra for bedtime. If I’m being honest, I never wore one to bed pre-baby. BUT, you will absolutely need one while you are breastfeeding. It helps to have a little extra support and if you leak, you won’t have a whole mess.

This bra set from Amazon was my favorite!! 

What I loved….

  1. I changed them each night, so it was nice having three.
  2. They are comfortable and lightweight.

The only thing I wish this had was the option to insert nursing pads. Especially in the beginning, my letdown would happen on both sides which left me leaking. I used the Kindred Bravely Reusable Nursing pads which were perfect!

Best Bras for AFTER your Milk has Regulated

My favorite bras for after your milk has regulated

Around 12 weeks, your milk will begin to regulate. This means a lot less leaking and your breasts should stay around the same size. At this point, you may be able to start wearing an underwire bra again but you may still want to stay comfy. Each mama is going to have a different experience. 

My Favorite Bra for feeling “normal” again

best nursing push up bra cheap

This was actually a Target find! It was cheap enough that I wasn’t worried about ruining it if I happened to leak, but it made me feel like I did before baby.

What I loved…..

  1. It comes in a few colors.
  2. It’s affordable!
  3. You can go to the store and buy it today.

Just be aware that this probably won’t last you for more than one baby.

My Favorite T-Shirt Bra

Even though I spend most of my time at home, I enjoy having a comfortable, supportive, and cute looking bra! The Tutti Frutti Bra by Cake Maternity is my FAVORITE. It looks great under a T-shirt and is super cute. (Get 10% off with Code: 0TE93DRL)

What I loved…..

  1. The material is SO soft.
  2. The back has an adjustable hook.
  3. It has a keyhole which helps for ribcage expansion during pregnancy, too!
  4. Last but not least, the pads are memory foam….. it’s seriously so comfy.

My Favorite SEXY Bralette

Who said you can’t feel sexy while breastfeeding?? This lace bralette by Cake Maternity is hands down my FAVORITE option for a relaxed.. yet sexy look! I love to wear this with an off-the-shoulder shirt or even under my go-to waffle knit sweater. (Get 10% off with Code: 0TE93DRL)

Wrap Up…

Obviously, you don’t NEED to buy a nursing bra, but I seriously couldn’t live without mine. With so many changes going on with your body, investing in something that is comfortable, supportive, and cute will help you to feel a little more confident. 

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