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Fun + Useful Christmas Gift Ideas by Age for Babies + Toddlers

Buying Christmas gifts for babies and toddlers can be a bit tricky. They are growing and learning so fast, you will want to give them useful toys that will encourage them to explore! These Christmas gift ideas are categorized by age. So, you will find something for every baby and toddler on your list!

I think it’s so important to be thoughtful when giving a gift. Thinking about the child’s age and interests is a huge part of what will help you to choose something they will love.

Since my girls have so many people buying them gifts, my husband and I only buy them a few each. So it’s important that it’s something they will not only love, but will be useful too.

This is my Christmas Gift Giving Guide I follow for my children:

Something they Want…


Faith Based…


A few gifts from Santa

With that in mind, I’ve compiled Christmas gift ideas for each age group that follow these “rules.”

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The Best Christmas Gift Ideas by Age for Babies + Toddlers

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Newborn Gift Ideas (0-3 Months)

It can be hard to shop for a newborn following the want, need, faith, education, and Santa guide. When I’m gifting something for a friend with a newborn, I try to think of something that would be useful for mom and dad!

  1. Baby Hatch
  2. Coverlets for Baby Rest Hatch
  3. Lovevery Play Kit: The Looker
  4. Lovevery Play Gym
  5. Tummy Time Mirror
  6. My First Family Album
  7. Baby’s First Hand/Foot Print
  8. Baby’s First Bible
  9. Tummy Time Floor Mirror
  10. Crinkle Paper
  11. My First Tooth Brush
  12. Solly Baby Wrap
  13. Halo Fleece Sleep Sack

3-6 Month Gift Ideas

  1. Idestructables Books
  2. Tummy Time Water Mat
  3. Baby’s First Hand/Foot Print
  4. Baby’s First Bible
  5. Lovevery Play Kit: The Charmer or The Senser
  6. Lovevery Play Gym
  7. My First Book of Prayers
  8. Crinkle Paper
  9. My First Tooth Brush
  10. Transition Swaddle

6-9 Month Gift Ideas

  1. Munchkin Snack Catcher
  2. Baby’s First Hand/Foot Print
  3. Idestructables Books
  4. Baby’s First Bible
  5. Snowsuit
  6. Lovevery Play Kit: The Inspector or The Explorer
  7. Lovevery Play Gym
  8. My First Book of Prayers
  9. Wooden Musical Piano
  10. Sensory Montessori Toy
  11. Training Tooth Brush Set
  12. Transition Swaddle
  13. Suction Plates
  14. Long Sleeve Washable Bibs
  15. Sensory Bin
  16. Mickey Mouse Bath Toys
  17. 3 Point Harness Sled

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9-12 Month Gift Ideas

  1. Baby’s First Hand/Foot Print
  2. Idestructables Books
  3. Baby’s First Bible
  4. Snowsuit
  5. Lovevery Play Kit: The Explorer or The Thinker
  6. My First Book of Prayers
  7. First Bible Words Book
  8. Wooden Musical Piano
  9. Sensory Montessori Toy
  10. Training Tooth Brush Set
  11. Montessori Shapes Puzzle
  12. Snack Catchers
  13. Suction Plates
  14. Long Sleeve Washable Bibs
  15. Kids Musical Instruments
  16. Sensory Bin
  17. Mickey Mouse Bath Toys
  18. Dimpl Pop 
  19. First 100 Words Book
  20. 3 Point Harness Sled

12-18 Month Gift Ideas

  1. The Beginners Bible
  2. International Children’s Bible
  3. Winter Play Clothes
  4. Elk + Friends Mason Jar Cups
  5. Lovevery Play Kit: The Babbler or The Pioneer
  6. First Bible Words Book
  7. LCD Drawing Board
  8. Suction Plates
  9. Long Sleeve Washable Bibs
  10. Stainless Steel Silverware
  11. Kids Musical Instruments
  12. Wooden Playdough Set
  13. Sensory Bin
  14. Mickey Mouse Bath Toys
  15. Little People Nativity Set
  16. Wooden Baking Set
  17. Kitchen Learning Tower
  18. Dimpl Pop
  19. Farm Animal Pop Book
  20. First 100 Words Book
  21. Balance Bike
  22. 3 Point Harness Sled

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18-24 Month Gift Ideas

  1. The Beginners Bible
  2. International Children’s Bible
  3. Winter Play Clothes
  4. Outdoor Stepping Stones
  5. Elk + Friends Mason Jar Cups
  6. Lovevery Play Kit: The Realist or The Companion
  7. First Bible Words Book
  8. LCD Drawing Board
  9. Aqua Doodle Mat
  10. Suction Plates
  11. Long Sleeve Washable Bibs
  12. Stainless Steel Silverware
  13. Kids Musical Instruments
  14. Wooden Playdough Set
  15. Sensory Bin
  16. Mickey Mouse Bath Toys
  17. Little People Nativity Set
  18. Nesting Nativity Set
  19. 70 Piece Block Set
  20. Wooden Baking Set
  21. Toddler Kitchen Knives Set
  22. Kitchen Learning Tower
  23. Pop Purse
  24. Farm Animal Pop Book
  25. First 100 Words Book
  26. Balance Bike
  27. Baby Hatch for Sleep Training (Time To Rise)
  28. Sled
  29. Magnetic Drawing Board

2-3 Year Gift Ideas

  1. Toddler Wooden Puzzle Set of 6
  2. Pounding Bench with Wooden Mallet 
  3. Primary Lacing Beads
  4. Scissor Skills
  5. U.S. Puzzle Map
  6. The Beginners Bible
  7. International Children’s Bible
  8. Winter Play Clothes
  9. Mercy Watson Books
  10. Outdoor Stepping Stones
  11. Tricycle 
  12. Montessori Phonics Blocks
  13. Elk + Friends Mason Jar Cups
  14. Lovevery Play Kit
  15. Brain Games Bible Activity Book
  16. Early Learning Dry Erase Matching Book
  17. Counting Peg Board
  18. LCD Drawing Board
  19. Travel Wooden Memory Game
  20. Aqua Doodle Mat
  21. Suction Plates
  22. Wooden Playdough Set
  23. Long Sleeve Washable Bibs
  24. Stainless Steel Silverware
  25. Kids Musical Instruments
  26. Montessori Screw Driver Set
  27. Gardening Set
  28. Mickey Mouse Bath Toys
  29. Little People Nativity Set
  30. Nesting Nativity Set
  31. 70 Piece Block Set
  32. Wooden Baking Set
  33. Toddler Kitchen Knives Set
  34. Kitchen Learning Tower
  35. Montessori Animal Matching Game
  36. Pop Purse
  37. Farm Animal Pop Book
  38. First 100 Words Book
  39. Baby Hatch for Sleep Training (Time To Rise)
  40. Sled
  41. Magnetic Drawing Board
  42. Kinetic Sand
  43. Magna Tiles

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Our Favorite Christmas Books for Babies + Toddlers

Ginger Bread Baby by Jan Brett

The Mitten by Jan Brett

How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss

Llama Llama Holiday Drama by Anna Dewdney

Annabelle’s Wish by Susan Korman

The Joy of Giving by Jan + Mike Berenstain

Christmas in the Book Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder


I hope these gift ideas give you a little inspiration! I know how difficult it is to buy presents for kids, especially when they have so many toys to begin with. Have a wonderful holiday season ❤️