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35 Christian Books for Toddlers to Help Them Understand Christ

Introducing the Gospel through Christian Books for toddlers, will help them to understand more about their faith. These stories are the perfect introduction to learning about who Christ is, how to pray and how to walk in obedience to Him.

We started reading many of these stories with our two-year-old. Although we were also teaching her scripture (here are our favorite Bible Verses for Toddlers), I found that she was really struggling to understand who Christ is.

I love that these Christian books are written so toddlers can better understand who God is. They gave me the tools to talk about the gospel and relate it her life.

The BEST Christian Books for Toddlers

The best christian books for toddlers to read

At Bless Our Littles, we like to talk about things we love and think you might enjoy too.  Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links (see disclosure here). This means we will receive a commission if you click on a link and make a purchase. This is no extra cost to you. There are some products we have tried and others that we haven’t but think would be helpful to you! 

1. The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross

Author: Carl Laferton

This book is so colorful! The illustrations are fun and perfectly depict the events from Adam and Eve to Jesus’ resurrection.

I think this is a great introduction to the Bible because it gives a brief snapshot of the entire story!

2. God’s Very Good Idea Book

Author: Trillia J Newbelle

If you are looking for something that teaches how God created us, uniquely different, then this book is for you! It does such a good job helping toddlers understand that we were each made perfectly and this was a part of his “Very Good Idea.”

3. Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer

Author: Laura Wifler

I thought this was an awesome introduction to prayer. It was sweetly written and really got my toddler thinking about the fact that she can always pray!

4. His Grace is Enough

Author: Melissa Kruger

If you like a little rhyming, this book is perfect! It has real life, practical scenarios, that will help your toddler understand the Lord’s faithfulness.

5. Wherever You Go, I Want You to Know

Author: Melissa Kruger

This book is by the same author as His Grace is Enough. It has a cute little rhyme that encourages children to dream about who they may be, yet knowing they are rooted in Christ.

6. This I Know

Author: Clay Anderson

This book has a really cute message, although I would say it’s geared towards older toddlers. I thought it was really sweet that each page ended with “Jesus loves me this I know.”

7. Thank You God

Author: Sarah Bradshaw

Teaching our children to be thankful in everything they do is truly an important part of their faith. I love that this book not only rhymes, but teaches toddlers how to find gratitude in the little things.

8. God Made Us

Author: Link Dyrdahl

This book has a really simple storyline that teaches toddlers that God made each of us unique and special!

9. A Little Christians 123

Author: Lucy Shin

I love that this book incorporates counting along with Bible stories, to help them learn about who Christ is. It’s a very simple read, but I love the educational aspect of it.

10. A is for Ark

Author: Crystal Bowman and Teri McKinley

If your toddler is interested in the alphabet or animals, this is the perfect book for them! The only thing that disappointed me about this book was that it primarily focused on animals versus aspects of the Bible story about Noah’s Ark.

11. Let the Whole Earth Sing Praise

Author: Tommie dePoala

This book really focuses on Old Testament scripture, which is something I really appreciate. It encourages our children to give thanks and praise to the Lord for everything that He has created!

12. Jesus Storybook Bible Book

Author: Sally Lloyd-Jones

This book is perfect to use as a devotional or could be something that you read each night before bed. The stories are the perfect length for your toddler to practice sitting through. Each story’s intention is to tell the stories beneath and how they relate to Jesus.

13. If Jesus Came to Visit Me

Author: Jill Roman-Lord

This book is absolutely adorable! It may not tell a Biblical story, but it walks a child through what it would be like if Jesus came to visit. We really enjoyed this one!

14. The Berenstain Bears

Author: Stan + Jan Berenstain

We own so many of these books! I love that every story has an underlying Biblical foundation and you can find a book about pretty much anything that’s going in in your child’s life.

Here are a few of our favorites:

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15. The Bible in Pictures for Toddlers

Author: Ella K. Lindvall

This is another book that I think is perfect for a devotional. It goes through the Bible summarizing some of the most important stories. The pictures are large and the stories are short, which is perfect for your toddler’s short attention span!

16. Read Aloud Bible Stories

Author: Ella K. Lindvall

I think this author does a really good job of sharing Bible Stories in a way that keeps a young reader engaged. Each story has beautiful colorful photos to go along with it!

There are 4 Volumes, so you will want to make sure you read them all!

17. The Friend Who Forgives

Author: Dan Dewitt

Helping your child learn about forgiveness can feel tricky. I love how this books helps a child understand how Jesus is continually forgiving our sins.

18. Look and Be Grateful

Author: Tommie dePaola

This book is really simple and is perfect for toddlers that are interested in learning to read. My toddler has already started recognizing some of the words, which I think is really awesome!

19. Lift a Flap Bible

Author: Sally Lloyd-Jones

This book has stories based on scripture, along with interactive flaps that keep toddlers interested and engaged!

20. Lift a Flap Bible Stories for Young Children

Author: Andrew J. DeYoung

This book is great for older toddlers. There is definitely quite a bit of reading involved, but the stories are sweet and the flaps keep a toddler’s interest!

21. The Beginners Bible

Author: The Beginner’s Bible

We are actually using this as our before bed devotional right now… and my toddler BEGS us to read it. The stories are short, so you can read one or multiple at a time and the pictures are really simple yet colorful!

22. The Toddlers Bible

Author: V. Gilbert Beers

I feel like this book is fairly comparable to The Beginner’s Bible I mentioned above. It has really colorful pages and illustrations, and the stories are short yet help a toddler understand the basic lesson.

You really can’t go wrong with either book!

23. The Biggest Story ABCs


This is another alphabet book, but I like that each letter touches on a different part of the Bible. It’s well written and each letter that is being focused on is underlined.. which is a nice touch!

24. Big Theology for Little Hearts

Author: Devon and Jessica Provencher

There are several books in the series ranging from creation to The Church. But I absolutely love how they breakdown some of the most important parts of our faith into easy-to-understand language for our toddlers!

25. Read it, See It, Say It, Sing it 

Author: Hunter Beless

I’ve been following Hunter’s Podcast, Journey Women, for years and was so excited when she came out with a children’s book. This book is very introductory and feels perfect for introducing how important the Bible is to our faith.

26. What is God Like?

Authors: Matthew Paul Turner and Ying Hui Tan

If your toddler is beginning to ask questions like “who is God?” this books will answer many of their curious thoughts. I found myself feeling comforted and reminded of who God is and how loving He truly is!

27. God Made All Your Feelings

Authors: Amanda Flinn

Between temper tantrums and excitement, your toddler is experiencing so many big feelings. This book will help them understand that God created each of their emotions.

28. You’re Always Enough: And More Than I Hoped For

Author: Emily Lee

I absolutely loved the illustrations in this book. They were truly so precious.

But the message behind this book is even sweeter. It teaches that no matter what our children go through, they will be given God’s grace and love.

29. Good Good Father

Author: Chris Tomlin

This book is based on Chris Tomlin’s worship song Good Good Father. It takes you through all the qualities of God and truly it was a sweet reminder for myself!

30. If Jesus Lived Inside My Heart

Author: Jill Roman-Lord

Explaining to our children how the Holy Spirit lives inside of us can be a hard concept to explain. This book does a great job of helping them to understand that Jesus lives inside of us and that this changes how we do things.

31. God Gave us Heaven

Author: Lisa T Bergren

It can be difficult for our toddlers to understand heaven. I thought this book helped to explain what heaven is and describes what it might be like there!

32. This Little Light of Mine

Author: Darcy Pattison

If you want a book you can sing along to, this will be perfect! It’s also a lift-a-flap book, so that makes it even more fun.

33. How Can I Pray?

Author: Steph Williams

I feel like one of the most important parts of our faith is prayer, but teaching our toddler about it can feel tricky. This book keeps things really simple and encourages a REAL relationship with Him, which I really appreciated.

34. Very Best Bible Stories (Series)

Author: Tim Thornborough

These books take you through classic Bible Stories and will help your toddler understand more about God and Jesus! The illustrations make this book even more fun!

35. Bible Stories Search + Find

I hesitated to put this on here, but this is my daughter’s FAVORITE. It does contain a bit of story to go along with each page of search and find, but she loves the challenge of trying to find all the animals and characters.

In case you are here looking for a book as a gift for a toddler’s birthday or Christmas, I also have a blog post that includes 13 of our favorite Biblical Toys for Toddlers!

My Thoughts…

Reading to our children is one of the easiest ways to introduce Christ to them. These Christian books for toddlers will lay a foundation for their faith to grow on and will spark a curiosity about having a deeper relationship with the Lord.

We were able to borrow many of these from the library, so be sure to check there before purchasing!

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