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Can You Return Baby Bottles? – Return Policies for Baby Bottles by Store

can you return a baby bottle?

After searching high and low for a baby bottle that your little one actually likes, you are left with all the ones they don’t. You may be wondering – Can you return baby bottles? What about used ones?

The problem is that there are SO MANY different types of bottles out there. There are different nipples, sizes, shapes, and even materials. You can get glass bottles, plastic, silicone, or more. Choosing the right baby bottle for your baby can be an overwhelming decision! 

According to, you can pick the nicest bottle on the market, but it won’t mean anything unless your baby likes it and is willing to use it. Because it’s hard to know exactly what bottle your baby will prefer, lots of moms-to-be will register for a couple of different types of bottles. Then, once the baby arrives, they can see what they like and hopefully get rid of the ones they don’t.

But, the big question is….Can you return baby bottles? If you buy a couple of types to sample and try out, is it a waste of money or can you get some of that back? Well, today we’re going to be exploring this and more! 

First, we’re going to look at different stores and what their return policies are! 

Walmart Policies for Returning Baby Bottles

With a wide selection and one located in pretty much every city, it only makes sense that we look at Walmart’s return policies first! 

While it may differ depending on the specific location, Walmart’s overall policy is that customers have 90 days to return items for a full refund. There are definitely some items that have more restrictions, which include: tires, prescriptions, weapons and ammunition, pregnancy tests, and hygienic medical equipment. With hygienic medical equipment, it mentions opened breast pumps as non returnable but does not specifically mention bottles. 

Target Policies for Baby Bottles

Target is another frequently shopped retail store for moms and moms-to-be! Similar to Walmart, Target states, “most unopened items…in new condition can be returned within 90 days for a full refund or exchange.”

With these general return policies, there are also exceptions. Some of these exceptions are good. For example, if you have a Target Red Card, you receive an extra 30 days to return an item. But, there are also exceptions with more restrictions like you only have 15 days to return Apple products or you only have 30 days to return entertainment or electronics.

There are also items listed specifically as nonrefundable, some of which include open movies or video games, open airbeds, open collectibles, gift cards, lawnmowers, and more. I didn’t see them mention bottles or other baby items on the list of non-returnable items. 

Amazon Policies Returning Bottles for Babies

Amazon’s return policy seems a little more strict than the previously mentioned ones. For starters, their general policy states that customers have 30 days to decide whether or not they will return an item. 

However, they have a specific section dedicated to return policies for baby items. In this section, they state that the customer actually has 90 days to return items. Even better, is that if you receive a gift from your registry, you have 365 days to return any unwanted items! The only specific non-returnable item in the baby section was a used breast pump. With the lack of specific mention of baby bottles, it would lead me to believe that you could definitely return your baby bottles if you get them from Amazon! 

Buy Buy Baby Policies for Returning Baby Bottles

Now, let’s take a look at Buy Buy Baby! While their overall return policy is similar to the others with its 90 rule, it does mention that you should have your receipt.

Its exceptions are definitely more specific towards baby things because it is a store specifically for that! Items that may be returned only if they are new and unused include: breast pumps, seating and activity items (like a pack and play), and clothing. The only items it mentions that you cannot return are custom or personalized items and gift cards. 

Yet again, there was no mention of baby bottles in the return policy, which lends itself to be a good sign for answering the question, “Can you return baby bottles?”

Bed Bath and Beyond Policies

I think we’re seeing a trend here! As with the other physical stores listed, Bed, Bath, and Beyond also has a 90 day return policy for most items! It, like Buy Buy Baby also mentions the importance of having your receipt! 

In the exceptions section, it has the exact same list of exceptions for baby items as Buy Buy Baby. This is because Buy Buy Baby and Bed, Bath, and Beyond are owned by the same people. 

CVS Policies on Baby Bottles

While this may not be the first place you’d go to purchase baby bottles, CVS also sells all kinds of baby products, including bottles, formula, and more. Their initial statement when it comes to return policies states, “We reserve the right to limit or refuse any refund or exchange.” So, it starts off with a pretty strict tone.

Along with its opening statement, they also state that anything opened or missing a receipt is subject to being denied a refund. While it doesn’t specifically say anything about returning baby bottles, I would say that if they’re opened, your chances aren’t looking good for a full return at CVS. 

Walgreens Policies

Lastly, we have Walgreens’ return policy. It seems similar to the CVS return policy, which includes a very similar statement as mentioned above. But, it also mentions that customers have 30 days after purchasing to make their return. 

When it comes to non-returnable items, they only mention prescriptions, sexual wellness, and seasonal products. 

Can You Return Used Baby Bottles?

Based on the varying return policies outlined above, I think it’s pretty safe to say that you can easily return baby bottles that are unopened. While the stores may have different return windows, you can totally take them back. But, can you return used baby bottles that have been opened? 

This is a tough one because none of the websites, other than Buy Buy Baby specifically discuss baby bottles and baby items, but because they are not specifically listed, I would say that there’s nothing wrong with giving it a try. 

Can You Return a Baby Bottle Without a Receipt?

Because of technology these days, most stores have the capability to look up your purchase without a receipt. While some stores will give you money back with or without a receipt, you can (at the very least) get store credit for baby bottles returned without a receipt. It is important to note that most return policies on items without receipts mention that they must be unopened or unused. 

Can You Exchange Baby Bottles?

This question comes back to the return without a receipt and returning used questions. Whether or not you have a receipt, most stores will let you have store credit when bringing an item back. But, as mentioned above, those items must be unopened! 

How to Return Baby Bottles Without a Gift Receipt..

If you’re wanting to return baby bottles without a gift receipt, most stores will accept unused or unopened items, but will only offer the exchange amount at the current price of the item. For example, if you bought a pack of bottles at full price and they are currently 20% off, you will receive the current price equivalent. 

In Conclusion…

It’s a little tricky knowing whether or not you can return baby bottles. From this article, we have learned that you can easily return unopened bottles with a receipt, but once you lose the receipt or open them to try out, things get a little more complicated! The best advice I could give is to try! The worst thing they will do is say “no”!  

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