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(Peek into) Built To Birth Course Review – Perfect for FEARFUL Moms

built to birth course review - the best online natural birth course

Are you nervous about labor and delivery? Whether you are on the fence or know what kind of birth you want, having a birthing class that supports you in having a positive birth is the most important part. If you want to feel prepared and even excited about giving birth, you need to continue reading my Built To Birth Course Review.

This birth course is taught by Bridget Teyler is a Youtuber, Birth Educator, Dona Certified Doula, and mama!

bridget teyler built to birth

I actually stumbled on her Youtube channel while I was pregnant with my first, but at that time she didn’t have a birth course….. and I really wish she did!

The information she shares will give you the confidence to birth your baby in a way that feels comfortable for you! That’s what I love about this course, she is all about gaining knowledge and choosing a birth that will give you a positive experience. (Which is more valuable than you know!)

I wish I had this for my First Pregnancy.

At Bless Our Littles, I like to talk about things I love and think you might enjoy too.  This course was gifted to me by Bridget Teyler. As always, I never share anything unless I 100% believe in it! There are also some affiliate links in this post, which means I will make a small commission if you purchase. This is no extra cost to you!

With my first daughter, I planned on doing the hospital’s birthing class. When it came time to sign up, all of the classes had been canceled because it was the beginning of 2020 (do I even need to remind you?!).

We were forced to find an online course, which I am forever grateful for because it opened up my eyes to having a positive birth experience. So we signed up for the Mama Natural Birth Course, which was a huge reason why I was able to have a natural child birth.

Fast forward to finding out I was pregnant with my second, I wanted to go through a different birth course because I needed to find healing from my postpartum experience.  That’s when I stumbled on Bridget’s Built to Birth Course.

Today we are going to chat about why I wish I had this birth course for my first pregnancy, what you can expect, along with why I prefer this birth course over in person and other online classes!

14 Pros of the Built to Birth Course

First, I want to share all the reasons why I love this birth course. It’s by far my FAVORITE birthing course and I highly recommend this to everyone (whether this is your first or last baby!).

1. Broken Down into Bite Size Pieces

built to birth class review

I love that each module is broken down into short videos. I usually listened to a few of these in the morning. It was nice that I could listen to an entire segment without needing to pause it!

2. Loads of Information

If I’m being honest, I was overwhelmed at how much information she was able to pack into one  course. After completing it, I couldn’t believe how much knowledge I had gained….. even though I had already given birth once!

3. Explanations with Examples

inside the built to birth course

Bridgets video production is super high quality. She’s an experienced YouTuber who knows how to keep your attention and give you a lot of visual content. Whether she is sharing the birth process or positions for labor, there are charts or a real mama giving an example. 

4. TONS of Resources

In almost every lesson, she includes resources to go along with it. Whether that be her favorite birthing ball or information with studies on an epidural, her content is all inclusive!

5. Downloadable Cheat Sheets

When I was in labor with my first, my husband did a pretty good job or remembering different position and techniques for labor. But, I love that Bridget has easy to read cheat sheets that are a great resource to have during the thick of contractions.

Downloadable’s Include:

  • Birth Preferences
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Labor Positions
  • Hospital Bag Packing List

6. Helps to Get Rid of Fear

If you have any fear revolving around giving birth, this is the PERFECT course for you. Everything is talked about in a way that isn’t scary. Bridget is matter-of-fact and helps you to use this knowledge as POWER to have a positive birth.

Although I had a very positive labor and delivery story with my first pregnancy, I desperately needed healing when it came to postpartum. I’m so glad I was able to go through the Built to Birth course with my second because it made me SO excited to go through labor and delivery!

7. It’s About More than JUST Birth

Birth is the finish line in a marathon. It’s something that you must be working on daily to achieve a happy and healthy experience. 

I love that there were so many practical tips for you to start applying during your pregnancy! 

Some things that Built to Birth helped me with:

  • Helping Baby Get into a Good Position
  • Preparing Myself Mentally
  • Believing Birth was a Natural + Normal Process
  • Ways to Help Labor Progress
  • Understanding the Different Types of Interventions
  • How to Relax in Labor
  • How to Breathe Through Contractions

8. Go at Your Own Pace

Especially because I was a second time mama, having a course that was go at your own pace was SUPER important. I usually watched these in the morning while I was getting ready and whenever I had a free moment during the day.

9. It Encourages a Natural Birth

I loved that Bridget encouraged a natural birth. It was so tastefully done. Her advice was never forceful or negative. It really just made me want what she was describing when it came to a natural child birth.

10. Bridget Shares her Experiences

Although this course doesn’t have other mom’s experiences, I loved that Bridget was open with her pregnancies and birth. It really encouraged me to desire a natural child birth that was calm and relaxed. 

11. Does not side with Hospital, Home Birth, or Birthing Center

I also appreciated that she did not side with one birth place over the other. She encouraged doing what was best for you…. But did share that a home birth can be the most relaxed setting. 

Bridget gave birth naturally in the hospital for her first baby and at home with her second. I loved that she had been through it all and was able to share honest insight on both! 

12. 30+ Meditations

free pregnancy meditations

During my first pregnancy, I used a couple of her free Youtube meditations. This really helped me to slow down and trust my body. 

I was so excited to get ALL of her meditations in this course. Typically, I used them while doing my birth ball and stretches at night!

13. NEVER Expires

Especially if you plan to have more kiddos in the future, this is a huge bonus. I love that I can refer back to this whenever I need to. Some birth courses expire after a year, but I’m glad I get to use this one again in the future.

14. You Will FEEL 110% Prepared

Last but certainly not least, you will walk away from the course feeling completely prepared and maybe even excited for your birth. Like I mentioned earlier, if you are dealing with fear this birth course is going to be amazing for you!

Cons of the Built To Birth Course

1. Lots of Information

I know I mentioned this as a pro, but if you don’t care about the process behind birth it can feel a bit overwhelming. There is a lot of information packed into this course which means it’s a great resource although it can feel a bit daunting trying to remember everything.

2. She Does Sway towards Natural Birth

For me I loved that this course talked a lot about having a natural birth, but if you want an epidural just keep that in mind. But I’ll talk about this more in a minute!

3. No Dads Section

With baby #2, my husband did not go through the entire birth course with me. I really wish he had because the Built to Birth Course was so much more informational. The only downfall is that each section doesn’t have practical application or a dad’s view.

Although she does have a lot of information for birth partners that’s incredibly useful!

4. Touches on Breastfeeding + Postpartum

I couldn’t have made it very far in my breastfeeding journey without Bridget’s breastfeeding resources on her Youtube Channel. I was really surprised that there wasn’t more included into the birth course.

Although, she does have a Postpartum Course which is ABSOLUTELY amazing. She talks a lot about breastfeeding in this, so I would recommend purchasing both the Birth and Postpartum Course!

5. No Facebook Group

I absolutely LOVED the Mama Natural FB group while I was pregnant. It was a great resource for all the random things that come during pregnancy. It was really helpful. But since then, I’ve become super involved in the Freely Rooted group – so this doesn’t bother me at all!

Questions You May Have About the Built to Birth Course

Next I want to look at some questions that may be holding you back from purchasing the course. I know I really struggled to choose one and wondered these things!

Is it Good for Second Time Moms?

YES! Being a second time momma myself, I felt like this course was everything I needed for my first. It helped me to feel prepared and most of all I was able to let go of my fears about birth because of the Built to Birth Course.

I want an Epidural, will this course still benefit me?

Absolutely! I would recommend everyone to take this course regardless if they plan on getting an epidural or not. Although she does talk a lot about a natural birth, Bridget does include tips, tricks, and advice for those planning on an epidural. 

I feel like no matter what kind of birth you are planning on her tips are incredibly helpful.

Does she have all this information on her Youtube Channel?

No, all of this information is not on her Youtube Channel. I was surprised that I learned so much because her Youtube channel is such an amazing resource!

I feel like I gained so much knowledge  from the course that was not even touched on in her Youtube videos.

My Final Thoughts… 

After reading this Built To Birth Course Review, you can probably tell that I am a huge fan of Bridget. This online birthing class is an amazing resource that will help you to get rid of fear and have a happy, healthier, and easier birth!

If you have any questions that I missed, email me at

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