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66 Unique Biblical Girl Names That Are Pretty + Unheard Of

Finding a unique Biblical girl name that’s cute and isn’t hard to pronounce isn’t easy! For many Christian couples, it’s important to choose a name that honors God. But if you aren’t the traditional type, this list of unique Biblical girl names will inspire you to choose something different than Abigail, Hannah, or Mary.

When my husband and I were trying to name our second daughter, we really struggled to agree. That’s why I wrote this blog post! We wanted an unpopular name that was different…. but not totally out there.

You can click here to see what we ended up naming our second baby girl or you can scroll down past the names to see it. I also thought I’d share a few tips on choosing a Biblical name for your baby girl… because I know how hard it can be.

The Prettiest Unique Biblical Girl Names

unique biblical girl names for your daughter

Before I share my favorite unique Biblical names for girls, please know that these are all rooted in Christianity. Although some of them aren’t from the Bible, they are all derived from our faith. I hope this list helps you to name your precious baby girl!

  1. Abilene – English meaning “Grass.” Found in the New Testament
  2. Ada – German meaning “Noble”
  3. Adalia – Hebrew meaning “Noble One”
  4. Adriel – Hebrew meaning “My Help is God”
  5. Analee – Hebrew meaning “Grace”
  6. Analiese – Latin meaning “Graced with God’s Bounty”
  7. Annalie – German meaning “Grace”
  8. Anneli – Scandinavian derived meaning “Grace”
  9. Audie –  English meaning “Noble Strength”
  10. Briella – Italian derived meaning “God is my Strength”
  11. Calah – Hebrew meaning “Opportunity”
  12. Cana – The place where Jesus performed His first miracle.
  13. Carmi – Hebrew derived meaning “Garden” or “God is my vineyard”
  14. Caris – Greek for “Grace or Beloved”
  15. Channah – Hebrew for “Grace” or “God has favored me”
  16. Daniela – Hebrew meaning “God is my Judge”
  17. Davina – Hebrew meaning “beloved”
  18. Delilah – Hebrew meaning “Delicate”
  19. Dollie –  English meaning “Gift of God”
  20. Eden – Hebrew meaning “Place of Pleasure or Delight”
  21. Edeline – German for “Noble”
  22. Elia – Hebrew meaning “Jehovah is God”
  23. Eliana – Hebrew meaning “My God Has Answered”
  24. Evanna – Welsh meaning “God is Gracious”
  25. Eve – Hebrew meaning “Life”
  26. Evie – Hebrew derived from Eve meaning “Life”
  27. Gabrie – English name meaning “God is my Strength”
  28. Genesis – Name after the First Book in the Bible.
  29. Gianni – Italian meaning “God is Gracious”
  30. Gracelynn – Latin meaning “Pleasing” or “Grateful”
  31. Hannalee – Hebrew meaning “Favor or Grace” and biblical mother of Samuel
  32. Hannele – Of German origin meaning “Grace”
  33. Hansel – German for “God is Gracious”
  34. Honey – A word name derived from Proverbs 16:24
  35. Hosanna – Hebrew meaning “Deliver Us”
  36. Iana – Latin meaning “God is Gracious”
  37. Jael – Hebrew meaning “Mountain Goat”
  38. Jaina – Hebrew meaning “God is Gracious”
  39. Jamila – Arabic meaning “Beautiful” or “Graceful”
  40. Janelle – Hebrew for “God is Merciful”
  41. Janessa – American meaning “God is Gracious”
  42. Jeanna – Hebrew meaning “God is Gracious”
  43. Jinna – Hebrew meaning “God is Gracious”
  44. Jola – Hebrew meaning “God is Willing”
  45. Josie – Hebrew meaning “God Will Add or Increase” (Need Middle Name Ideas Click Here)
  46. Jovelle – Christian Girl’s name meaning “Yahweh is Gracious”
  47. Jovelyn – American meaning “God is Gracious”
  48. Jubilee – Hebrew meaning “Ram’s Horn”
  49. Kassia – Greek meaning “Pure”
  50. Keilah – Hebrew meaning “Citadel” and ancient city in Judah
  51. Lael – Hebrew meaning ‘Belonging to God’
  52. Leilani – Hawaiian meaning “Heavenly Flower”
  53. Magdalen – English meaning ‘woman of Mandala; watchful’
  54. Maidel – Hebrew Meaning “Women of Mandala”
  55. Mara – Hebrew meaning “Bitter.” This was Naomi’s name as an expression of grief (Ruth 1:20).
  56. Marline – A combination of Mary and Magdalen.
  57. Neriah – Hebrew meaning ‘Lamp of the Lord’
  58. Noa – Hebrew meaning “Motion”
  59. Orli – Hebrew meaning “Light”
  60. Raya– Hebrew meaning “friend”
  61. Riella – Short for Gabriella meaning “God is my Strength”
  62. Rochelle – French meaning “Little Rock”
  63. Seanna – Irish Gaelic meaning “God is Gracious”
  64. Talia – Hebrew meaning “Gentle dew from Heaven”
  65. Tessie – English meaning “ To Reap” or “Gather”
  66. Verity – Latin meaning “Truth”

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modern christian names for baby girls

How to Choose a Biblical Baby Girl Name

Regardless of what type of name you choose, actually settling on one can be really difficult. Your spouse, family, and friends are all throwing their opinions into the mix… which can make the decision even harder.

When we were naming our second daughter, we couldn’t find a name that we LOVED. We ended up deciding on Josie Quinn because we liked the meaning and how it flowed with our oldest, Emmie Kay.

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What you don’t know is we spent months creating a “Master List” of our favorite baby girl names. This decision wasn’t as simple as we like the meaning…. there was a lot of thought… and tough conversations involved in choosing her name.

So here is what we did to choose the perfect name for our daughter:

1. Write Down YOUR Favorite Names

Both you and your spouse should keep lists of your favorite names. Every so often go through the list. Keep the maybes and yeses… get rid of the NOs.

Josie was actually on the maybe list and (eventually) we both ended up loving it!

2. Take Meaning into Consideration

With most Biblical baby girl names, the meaning is really sweet and God-honoring. Although there may be certain meanings that just don’t align with your life… and that’s totally okay!

3. Say the Names Out Loud

Sometimes just hearing a name will give you clarity. This is actually what helped us to choose Josie. We loved the way it sounded, especially with our older daughter’s name! This leads me to my next tip….

4. Think About Sibling Names

Even if this is your first, you may want to consider how this name will sound with sibling names. Truthfully, your kids’ names don’t need to flow… but let’s say you are introducing them… are their names easy to say?

5. Pray About It

God already knows your daughter’s name, isn’t that crazy to think about?! Begin praying and asking God to reveal the name that your daughter should be named.

My Thoughts….

Choosing a unique Biblical baby girl’s name isn’t an easy task. I hope this list gave you some ideas and hopefully will help you to find a name that suits your daughter.

I am SO Excited for you and your spouse….. the journey of parenthood is absolutely precious and I know you are going to enjoy it ❤️

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