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The 12 Best Podcasts for Pregnancy + 9 Podcasts for After Birth

podcasts for pregnancy

If you are not already a podcast-listener, pregnancy is a great time to delve into the world of podcasts! With endless options on a plethora of topics, podcasts are a great way to find insight, encouragement, and advice…ESPECIALLY as a mama.

After all, once your arms are busy with a little one, picking up a book, the newspaper, or even your phone can be quite the challenge. Keep reading for a headstart on discovering some of the best podcasts for pregnancy, postpartum, and motherhood! 

Best Pregnancy Podcasts

This collection of podcasts is full of helpful options to listen to throughout your 40 weeks of pregnancy. Many include birth stories, which can be a great help for new mamas feeling anxious about labor and delivery. Others offer expert advice on an abundance of topics, and some are just meant to be a source of encouragement to your heart

1. Evidence Based Birth

This podcast consists of research driven information shared by Rebecca Dekker, PhD RN. With over 100 episodes about a plethora of pertinent topics, this is a wonderful resource if you are trying to make decisions about induction, your birth plan, or medication.

2. All About Pregnancy & Birth

Created by Dr. Nicole C Rankins, an ob/gyn physician with over 10 years of experience, this is another insightful medical podcast. Aside from medical topics like episiotomies, circumcision, and vaccinations, this podcast includes birth stories and interviews with experts. 

3. Becoming Mama

This podcast is created by Motherly and offers week by week advice and insight from a certified nurse-midwife. Episodes cover issues like pregnancy nausea, baby development, the placenta, and postpartum bleeding. 

4. The Birth Hour

If hearing birth stories is encouraging and exciting to you, this is a great podcast to check out! In each episode, different women share their birth stories and experiences. Stories shared include everything from birth center births to giving birth during COVID19 to twins born on different days. 

5. Built to Birth

Hosted by Bridget Teyler, doula and childbirth educator, this is another great podcast filled with positive and encouraging birth stories. If you find yourself feeling nervous about the birthing experience, listening to other women share their stories can be a great way to put your mind at ease!

6. Fertility Friday

If you aren’t pregnant yet but hope to be soon, this is a great source for information about conception and the Fertility Awareness Method. If you are already pregnant, but the Fertility Awareness Method appeals to you, there are also a few episodes on postpartum charting that can help you get started!

7. The Birthful Podcast

This podcast is hosted by a doula and postpartum educator and includes interviews with a wide variety of mothers and experts. These evidence-based episodes include topics relevant to pregnancy, labor, and beyond. 

8. Happy Homebirth

Are you hoping for a natural birth or homebirth? If so, this is one of the podcasts for you to listen to throughout your pregnancy! Hosted by a former student midwife, this podcast shares dozens of wonderful stories about mothers who birthed at home. 

9. The Joyful Mourning

This is a helpful resource for those dealing with pregnancy or infant loss, or a new pregnancy after a loss. The Joyful Mourning is a faith-based podcast with stories from a multitude of women who have experienced the pain and grief of losing their little one. 

10. Pregnancy & Birth Made Easy

This podcast is hosted by two doulas who share their best advice to help you prepare for labor. If you are a fan of the enneagram, this is the perfect place to find some “type-specific” advice, as they have a birth episode with tips for each type. 

11. Daily Grace

While this podcast is not specifically geared toward pregnancy, it is a wonderful way to build your faith as you face the challenges and fears that pregnancy often brings. With episodes about things like finding joy, learning to pray, and abiding in Christ, it is sure to be an encouragement to listeners. 

12. Delivering Miracles

Parijat Deshpande, a high-risk pregnancy expert and therapist, is the host of this podcast. Speaking from both research and her personal experience, Parijat shares encouraging episodes about topics like infertility, high-risk pregnancy, and having a baby in the NICU. Even if you are not considered high-risk, there are plenty of relevant episodes about topics like marriage, pelvic floor health, and pediatricians. 

Best Postpartum Podcasts

Podcasts are great for pregnancy, but they are even more perfect for those middle-of-the-night feedings that are soon to come. Here are a few shows tailored specifically for postpartum listening, addressing topics like breastfeeding, postpartum anxiety, and postpartum depression. 

1. All Things Breastfeeding

In this podcast, Barbara Robertson, IBCLC and Barbara Desmke, RN, BSN, offer tips, resources, and encouraging stories for breastfeeding mommas, or pregnant women who are planning to breastfeed

2. Breastfeeding Talk

Hosted by Jacqueline Kincer, IBCLC, CSOM, this podcast is full of great advice to help you experience the best breastfeeding journey possible! Jacqueline addresses issues like oversupply, going back to work, and nutrition while breastfeeding.

3. The Postpartum Coach

Focused on postpartum anxiety and depression, this podcast shares lots of helpful tools for finding hope and healing. Hosted by Lizzie Langston, Certified Life Coach, each episode tackles a specific topic ranging from Postpartum Regret to feeling disconnected from your baby. 

4. Adventures With Postpartum Depression

This podcast is primarily composed of open and honest stories from moms who have battled (or are currently battling) postpartum depression. Even if you aren’t officially diagnosed with postpartum depression, the early days are difficult and stories like these can be a great inspiration. 

Best Motherhood Podcasts

1. Risen Motherhood

This podcast is co-hosted by sisters-in-law Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler. Weekly episodes tackle topics like screen time, moving, and grandparents, all from a gospel-centered perspective

2. Thriving in Motherhood

As indicated by the title, this purpose of this podcast is to help mamas thrive. Motherhood is full of challenges, and this is a great podcast for moms who are looking for an extra dose of encouragement

3. Respectful Parenting: Janet Lansbury Unruffled

While this podcast isn’t particularly applicable in the early days, it offers some wonderful advice for those looking to get a head start on developing parenting philosophies for issues like entitlement, attachment, and aggression. 

4. New Moms, New Babies: Tips & Tricks

Although they are no longer releasing new episodes, this podcast is unique in that it is geared toward mothering in the early days. Episodes cover topics like sleeping, crying, strollers, and baby carriers. 

5. Hello Baby

Hosted by actor Matt Lanter & his blogger wife Angela, this podcast is the sequel to Hello Bump and shares the Lanter’s journey as first-time parents. Funny, relatable, and full of great tips, this is a perfect podcast for lighthearted listening. 

Podcast Episodes For Pregnancy

While these episodes come from podcasts not specific to pregnancy, they are some of the best podcast interviews to listen to during or after your pregnancy! 

Journeywomen Podcast – Transition and Change with Shar Walker (ep. 127)

Adding a baby to the family is a huge change, regardless of the circumstances. This interview with Shar Walker, senior writer of the North American Mission Board, is a helpful reminder for how to view change through an eternal lens

Don’t Mom Alone – Postpartum Depression (ep. 277) 

Whether you are struggling with peripartum or postpartum depression or feel you might be likely to in the near future, this episode is for you! This interview shares one mom’s journey of finding hope and healing through Christ. 

The Happy Hour – The Happy Hour with Pam Tebow (ep. 248)

In this podcast episode, Pam Tebow shares her story of life on the mission field and her journey through her last pregnancy when the doctor encouraged her to abort her baby due to health concerns

When to Listen to Podcasts

So now you’ve discovered some of the best podcasts for pregnancy, but maybe you are struggling on finding a good time to listen to them! Here are a few ideas for ideal ways to work podcast-listening into your daily routine.

  • Driving – You can easily swap music out for podcasts and listen while you are on the road!
  • Washing dishes – This is a great chore for podcast listening because you are usually in one place and don’t have to worry about carrying your phone, tablet, or computer around as you try to finish an episode. 
  • While feeding baby – Once your little one arrives, regardless of whether you bottle-feed or breastfeed, you will find yourself spending a LOT of time keeping your baby’s belly filled up. This is the perfect time to listen to a podcast!

In Conclusion…

One of the best things about podcasts is their accessibility! While it would be overwhelming to keep up with all of the podcasts mentioned above, it is easy and free to check out a variety of different episodes to decide which podcasts might be the best for you to listen to throughout your pregnancy and beyond!

Podcasts are great for gaining encouragement and insight while multitasking, but if you are a visual learner and prefer to do some reading, keep in mind that some podcasts offer transcripts.

Additionally, almost all of the suggestions we’ve compiled have a website with helpful articles on similar topics. Regardless of which podcasts you connect with, we hope they are a great encouragement to you as you journey through pregnancy, birth, and the early days with your little one!

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