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Why I LOVED Being a Mom at 25 (It was the perfect age)

Having my daughter was the BEST moment of my life. I finally found my purpose and calling. My soul was fulfilled. If you are debating on whether or not being a mom at 25 is the right thing for you, here are all the reasons why I think it’s a perfect age.

Why I Waited to Have Kids until 25

I met my husband at 19! I swear it was love at first sight. We got engaged 1.5 years later and eloped just a month after he popped the question! 

If I’m being honest, we both wanted kids in our early 20’s. But, my husband was active duty military and we knew that deployment was in our future. We didn’t want him to miss out on our child’s life, so we waited to try until he was home.

So, we started trying to get conceive when I was 23 and didn’t actually fall pregnant until I was 24. Add 9 months to that and I turned 25 just nine days before my daughter was born. 

At the time, it felt so unfair that we had to wait so long to have kids. Looking back, if I could have I still would have wanted kiddos sooner. But, now I see why 25 was perfect for me!

10 Benefits of Being a Mom at 25

1. Your Early 20’s are for Discovering You

Although I wanted to be a mom much sooner, your early 20’s are a good time to discover you. I feel like we all need to find our way and figure out our values. I enjoyed being able to take my time to explore who I was, what I believed, and what I liked. Some women who have kids early, don’t get to experience this and end up hitting a mid-life crisis.

2. I felt Prepared and Ready for Motherhood

Because I had time to explore who I was, without having the title of mom attached to my name, I felt ready for motherhood. When I got pregnant I was excited about giving birth and caring for my daughter. Many of my friends who were older or younger when they got pregnant, expressed how nervous they were about having their new baby! This also has to do with personality, but 25 is when you’ve had enough life experience to be confident.. and not too much where you feel anxious about your new role!

3. I had more Life Experiences by this Point

At this stage of my life, I had experienced SO much. I think this helped me to feel prepared and ready. We had been married for four years at this point, so it gave me space to focus on my new role as a mom. Many couples that tie the knot and get pregnant quickly after, may feel overwhelmed as they are figuring out who they are as a spouse and adjusting to being a parent, all at the same time

4. I Still Felt Young

This was a huge one for me! I wanted to have energy and to be that mom that bounced back fairly quickly after pregnancy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t exactly happen like that for everyone… no matter what age you are! But in general, my body felt good after having my daughter and I think being young had a lot to do with that.

5. You will have friends + family who already have kids to learn from

This was super nice! I like that I could call my friends with questions. I didn’t feel like I was paving the way. Although my husband and I were the first in our families to have kids, most of our friends had children so we had an idea of dos and don’ts for that first year.

6. You have stamina

Being pregnant, nurturing a newborn, and caring for a toddler takes a lot of energy! I feel like my body handled all of this really well. I attribute this to being fairly young. After my daughter came home from the hospital, I nursed around the clock and expected to be cranky and tired. But to my surprise, I handled it pretty well!

7. You are at the sweet spot with Patience

You might laugh at this one, but being a mom means you need a lot of patience. It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with a crying newborn or a crazy toddler… you will need to keep your cool. I feel like 25 was the perfect age to become a mom because I wasn’t resenting those who were free of responsibility and I wasn’t tired like many of the older mamas I know. 

8. You are Mostly Excited to be a new mom

At 25 you are really just excited to be a mom. Your focus is getting your life ready for your little one’s arrival. I feel like younger moms have to deal with the judgment of the age and older moms know a little too much about other’s experiences. 

9. You fit in with the younger moms and the older ones

I have mom friends that have three kids and others who have a newborn. I’m able to relate to all of them because I’m right in the middle. Being 25 gave me the ability to understand those younger moms and older moms… and not feel like the odd man out.

10. You Have Time for More Kids

I probably should have put this as number one, but I decided to save the most important for last. I really want to have a few kids, but I didn’t want to be over 40 when I had my last. Being 25 gives me time to enjoy each pregnancy and each child, with time to recover in between. 

Wrap Up…

I LOVED becoming a mom at 25. For me, this was the sweet spot! I hope reading through my benefits will help you to make a decision that is right for you. No matter when you become a mama, it will happen at the perfect time for you!

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