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14 Simple Bedtime Prayers for Toddlers for a REAL Relationship with God

the best bedtime prayers for toddlers for a close relationship with God

You are ready to start incorporating prayer into your little one’s bedtime routine, but you don’t want to just say “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.” Although using pre-made prayers feels like a no-brainer, there is so much more to this sacred conversation. Here are 14 Simple Bedtime Prayers for Toddlers that will teach them how to have a REAL relationship with God.

I’ve been praying with my one-year-old daughter, before bed, since we started a nighttime routine at four months old. But now that she is getting older and is understanding what I’m saying, I want her to begin building a relationship with Christ.

I love how the Bible talks about not needing long or fancy words when it comes to prayer (Matthew 6:7). God is begging us for a real relationship with Him. That’s what we need to share with our children.

As a parent, we can get caught up in how we sound when we pray. But, don’t worry about making long prayers with big words. Let your toddler lead the way with what is on their heart! This is the best way to encourage an authentic relationship with Christ.

14 Simple Bedtime Prayers for Toddlers to Encourage Them to Pray

We started including simple bedtime prayers into our nighttime routine. Although my daughter isn’t speaking in full sentences (yet), this foundation will help her to build a relationship with Christ.

Each night, I like to focus on something different to pray about. I want her to know that her prayers are a conversation with God and not something that is recited. So you will find that these 14 Bedtime prayers for toddlers each have a theme to them.

I hope that they are used as a guide for you to pray with your toddler, but feel free to change them up day-to-day and make them unique to your toddler. I’m going to touch on this a bit later!

Simple Prayers of Gratitude for Toddlers

In Philippians 4:6-7, Paul talks about how our prayers should be brought to God with a grateful heart. I find that most of my prayers are giving thanks to God, so I like to include prayers for my daughter to thank Him too!

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#1 Family

Thank you, God, for my family.

Thank you for my mom and dad.

For my (let them insert family members to pray for).

Thank you for everyone in my life.


#2 Friends

Jesus, thank you for my friends..

Who I get to run and play with.

Help me to be kind and loving to them, too.


#3 Animals

When I see all the animals on this earth,

I know that you created them.

Thank you for (pets names).

I love them so much. Keep them safe and healthy.


#4 Overall Thanks

Thank you, Lord, for the house I live in..

For my people who love me…

For all the creation you made.


Bedtime Prayers of Guidance for Toddlers

Asking God to guide us in life is such an important aspect of prayer. This is where a true relationship comes in. Help your child to pray for their words, actions, and heart, so they would become a reflection of Christ!

#5 For My Words

Sometimes my words are hurtful and unkind.

I pray that you would guide my mouth in saying what is right.

Help me use my words to love my friends and family.


#6 For My Actions

When I don’t get my way…

help me to think before I do anything.

I pray that I will choose to be kind

Even when I want to cry.


#7 For My heart

I pray that my heart would see the good in others

and choose what is right.

And most of all I pray 

that I would be loving in your sight.

#8 For My Life

Jesus guide me in the way I should go.

Help me to become the person you created me to be.


Toddler Bedtime Prayers for Feelings

We all have feelings! I wish I thought to bring my “big feelings” to God every time I felt something. Teaching your toddler to pray for their feelings will help them to run to their heavenly father, rather than relying on someone else or themselves!

#9 When I’m Sad

Today, I felt sad because (let them explain).

Help me to feel happy because I know that you love me.

Help me to wake up in the morning with a happy heart.


#10 When I’m Happy

Today, I was happy when (let them explain).

I’m thankful when I feel like this.

Help me to wake up rested 

And feel happy in the morning too.


#11 When I’m Scared

God, I’m feeling scared because (let them explain).

Be with me when I’m feeling this way.

Help me to feel safe and sleep through the night.


#12 When I Need Forgiveness

Today I (let them explain what they did).

I’m sorry for making this mistake.

Help me to think before I act…

And to be kind in everything that I do.


#13 When I’m Proud

Today I (let them explain their accomplishment).

Thank you for helping me do this.


#14 When I’m Brave

Today I was brave when (let them tell God their accomplishment).

Thank you for making me strong.

When you are with me, I can do anything.


Encouraging Your Toddler to Pray on their Own

One of our roles as a parent is to show our children what a relationship with Christ looks like. The most important thing we can do is to model this with our prayers. If you typically recite a dinner blessing, your toddler will believe the same prayer is how you talk with God.

In the feelings part of the simple bedtime prayers for toddlers, I give you prompts to ask your child what they did or to explain what happened in their day. This gives them the opportunity to talk to God.

Obviously, if your child isn’t talking yet and you are praying for them, you can use these prayers and insert what happened in their day. It’s all about modeling REAL conversation with Christ. Although your child may not be able to fully communicate, they are a little sponge learning from your every word.

A few last thoughts….

Incorporating some simple bedtime prayers for toddlers into your nighttime routine will begin to build a foundation for their relationship with Christ. Obviously, we can not MAKE them believe in God, but we can encourage them and show them how we communicate with Him.

I hope these prayers help to guide your toddler’s prayers. Don’t worry about having a perfectly worded prayer, God wants us to authentically be with Him. So, let your kiddo just BE with Him.

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Teaching your toddler to pray 14 easy bedtime prayers for toddlers

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