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Best Site for Baby Announcement Cards – Why I LOVE Basic Invite!

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Announcing the birth of your baby to the world is such a special moment. Having the perfect announcement cards to tell your friends and family about your newest addition is important. When you want something unique and special, what’s the best site for baby announcement Cards?

After finding out you are pregnant, there are SO many moments that will be celebrated for both you and your little one. Whether you are planning a gender reveal party or announcing your baby’s arrival, you will want to send cards to your friends and family. Having a one-stop shop for invitations for EVERY occasion during baby’s first year will make your life a little easier too! That’s why I love Basic Invite and think they are the best site to get all your cards from!

At Bless Our Littles, we like to talk about things we love and think you might enjoy too. This post was sponsored by Basic Invite, but all the thoughts and words are my own. You guys know that I won’t share anything unless I truly believe in it 🙂

What makes Basic Invite Special?

When I first stumbled on Basic Invite, I loved how unique their cards were. It was nice to have so many options and to be able to customize everything from wording to colors. There are so many features that they offer, but here are a few things that I think make Basic Invite Special.

1. (Almost) Unlimited Colors 

I was surprised that you could change the color of all the elements on the card. I haven’t seen many sites offer this. How often does the theme of your party dictate what invitation you can send? I loved that they offer over 180 colors, this means they have the whole rainbow plus every shade in between!

2. Custom Samples

This is another awesome feature that is unique to Basic Invite, they will send you custom samples! I loved that you can change the colors, add your photo, and customize the information, so you are getting a true sample of your card. Once you receive it, you will see the paper quality and how it prints. 

This is also great if you can’t decide on which invitation to choose. Order a bunch and see which one you like best!

3. Envelope Colors

Who knew that there were over 40 different envelope colors?! This adds a nice touch to your invitations if you want a little splash of color instead of a classic white. You can practically match your invite and envelope, which is sure to impress your friends and family! I also like that they are peel and seal, so I don’t have to lick each one. This saves so much time for busy mamas.

4. Address Printing

This was a game changer for me! For YEARS I’ve been writing everyone’s address. Although it feels personal, it took me hours. After becoming a mama, I so appreciate that I can like my Facebook, Instagram, or any other social platform and add addresses. Basic Invite will store these on your account for future use as well!

5. Foil Card 

It seems like this is the thing right now, adding gold, silver, or rose gold foil to your cards. This simple touch adds a little something extra! You can choose flat or raised on all their foil designs as well!

6. Send and Seal

I’ll go into more detail later, but I’m obsessed with these invitations! There’s no need for an envelope, just place a sticker over the flap and add your postage. In many of these, there is an RSVP card attached so you don’t need to worry about adding one.

Invitations, Announcements, + More for EVERY Occasion 

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– Gender Reveal

After finding out you are pregnant, your next big event is a gender reveal party! Get your friends and family together to celebrate the newest addition to the family. 

I love this Lads or Ladies invite! The front side has pink stripes and the back has blue, but you can customize this of course. Basic Invite also offers Thank You cards to match whatever invitation theme you choose. 

– Baby Shower/Sprinkle Shower

Now it’s time to prep for baby and celebrate your pregnancy! There are so many baby shower invitation themes to choose from. A few of my favorites include Friendly Farm AnimalsTasteful Tea Pot, and Baseball Baby. Some themes include game cards and a website option as well!

My favorite invitations are the send and seal! Once you try them, you won’t want to go back to regular envelopes. All you do is fold each card along the perforated lines, seal it with the matching sticker and add your postage! It’s seriously that easy. A huge benefit of these invites is that they include RSVP cards, so no need to send multiple cards to each guest! 

They also have invitations for twins and sprinkle showers!!

– Birth Announcement

I spent WAY too looking for a baby birth announcement for my daughter because there are so many cute options. Whether you want something traditional that showcases your baby’s name or a photo card that you can add some newborn photos too, they have different layouts and themes to choose from.

Here are my favorite baby boy birth announcements:

If you are lucky enough to have your little one close to the holidays, you may want to send a baby announcement christmas card. For many families sending out a Christmas Card is a yearly tradition, but if you don’t usually it’s the perfect time to start.

– First Birthday Invites

I’ve already picked out my daughter’s first birthday invitation! Isn’t this precious?! I love how soft and sweet it is. Basic Invite has a ton of different themes to choose from, which helps if you already had something in mind.

– Sip + See Party

If you don’t live in the south, you may not have heard of a sip and see party. But it’s the PERFECT get together to throw, especially if you have a lot of friends and family because they will get to meet the baby! You don’t need to wait until you can individually invite everyone over.

Basic Invite has a few invitations for this kind of party along with thank you cards. 

– Baptism

Last but not least, I love that they have Baptism invitations! Celebrating this milestone for your little one is really important to some families. Basic Invite has invitations and thank you cards that are perfect for your son or daughter. 

Tips for Creating the PERFECT Photo Card

If you’ve been around here for a little while, you probably already know that my mom was a photographer for 12 years while I was growing up. So I’ve learned a thing or two about taking good pictures at home, even if it’s on your iPhone!

Tip 1 – White Space

If you want to achieve a card like this, you want to take a photo with a white background. This helps the words to pop a little more and doesn’t feel too distracting!

Tip 2 – Neutral Colors + One Color that POPS

When taking pictures of my daughter for photos, I typically stick with white or neutral tones and add a pop of color. This photo here has a brown blanket in the background, which makes the pink POP! When choosing a card theme, look for a neutral color and add your accent color. In this one here the flowers have the pink as an accent! 

Tip 3 – Timing is EVERYTHING

With a newborn, they are pretty sleepy for the first few weeks, but it’s still important to time things perfectly. What does that look like? Change, feed, and rock to sleep! This will give you the longest window to get the perfect shot!

Tip 4 – Take Multiple Angles

You are going to want to take the same photo at a few different angles. It’s amazing how different a photo can look just by changing where you are standing!

Tip 5 – Natural Lighting

You want to ALWAY take pictures with natural lighting. Opening up your curtains and let the light in. You DO NOT want direct sunlight, so make sure to pay attention to where the suns at

Wrap Up….

Whether you are in need of gender reveal invitations or baby birth announcement, Basic Invite has everything you will possibly need for your baby’s first year and beyond! You will love their variety of colors and designs, your options are endless!

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