Aunt Names – 20 Of the Sweetest, Cutest, and Funniest Names for Auntie

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When there is news of a precious little one entering the family, it seems like everyone immediately jumps to coming up with cute and adorable grandparent names! While it is so important to pick the perfect grandparent name, we can’t forget about other members of the family! More than ever, aunt names are becoming more and more popular!

There is always such a special bond between an aunt and her niece or nephew. They don’t quite have the feel of a grandparent or a parent, they’re this unique relative in which you can get the best advice while also feeling totally free to be yourself. An aunt is someone that your precious little one will be able to confide in and have a bond with like no other.So, don’t you think this special person deserves a unique and special name?! It only makes sense! 

We’ve compiled some suggestions for some of the cutest, most unique aunt names for the awesome aunt in your baby’s life! 

Top 20 Aunt Names


Classic aunt names will usually include the word “Aunt” in some form! In this list, we’ve also included the word “aunt” from other countries to even make it a little more unique! 

  • Aunt (then, her first name or her nickname)
  • Aunt (then, first letter of name)
  • Auntie
  • Tia (Spanish)
  • Tante (French)
  • Teta (Slovenian)
  • Bibi (Indonesian)


If the aunt-to-be in your life is all about being cute-sy, she might like some of the following. You could add “aunt” before, or you could simply leave these names as is! Either way, they’re adorable! 

  • Sassy
  • Sissy
  • Cookie
  • Lovey


Crazy aunt names may not have anything to do with being an aunt, but they sure do bring some personality to her name! If the aunt-to-be has lots of spunk, then she may love some of these options! 

  • Sunny
  • Ti-Ti
  • Ni-Ni
  • Be-Be


Maybe the aunt-to-be in your life is all about being unique! Here are some ideas that will allow your baby’s aunt to have a name that is as one of a kind as she is! Maybe these ideas will provide you with a name to perfectly suit the aunt-to-be in your life! 

  • Based on their real name. The best way to come up with a unique aunt name is to base it off of their real name, whether you shorten it, make it rhyme, or create something playful. Be sure to check out other unique and different aunt name suggestions by letter below! For example Aunt Erin could be any of the following: 
    • Air-bear
    • Aunt Rinny
    • Auntie Airy
  • Based on interests. If you want the aunt in your life to have a completely unique name, you may want to consider basing it off of a specific interest or hobby they may have! Combining things they love for a name that they’ll be called by the niece or nephew they love? What could be better? 
    • Loves basketball? Hoopie
    • Love the outdoors? Holly

Aunt Names by Letter

Babies need simplicity when they are trying to call for their favorite aunt! A lot of times, an aunt’s name is determined from the first letter of her actual name! For example, instead of Aunt Sarah, she may want to be called Aunt Sissy or Aunt Sare-bear. This is just a way to make your aunt’s name more fun and suited to her personality! 

While it’s impossible to share examples of aunt names for every single name, we’ve included the most popular first name letters below. If the aunt you are thinking of isn’t on the list below, we hope that you will be able to use this list as a guide for inspirations and ideas! 


  • Addison- A, Addy
  • Alexandra- Lexa, Lexie, Al
  • Ashley- Ash, Lee Lee, Ashy


  • Brittney- B, Brit-Brit, Brit, Nee-Nee
  • Bella- Bell, BeBe
  • Brooke- Brooky, BeBe


  • Charlotte- Char (pronounced shar), Charlie
  • Chloe- Cici, C
  • Caroline- Carol, Car-Car


  • Erin- Air-bear, Airy
  • Emma- Em, Em-bem
  • Ella- La-La, Elle, E


  • Jessica- Jessie, Jess-Jess, Ca-Ca
  • Julie- Ju-Ju, J, Le-Le
  • Jordan- Jor, Din-Din


  • Katherine- Kat, Kit-Kat
  • Katie- K-K, TiTi
  • Kayla- K, La-La


  • Laura- La-La, Lore
  • Leah- Le-Le, L
  • Lindsey- Li-Li, Lindz


  • Maggie- Mags, Ma-mi, GiGi
  • Morgan- GanGan, Mo-Mo
  • Molly- Mo-Mo, Li-Li, Molls


  • Rachel- Rache, Ra-Ra
  • Rebecca- Becs, Becca, Re-Re
  • Riley- Ri-Ri, Riles


  • Sarah- Sare-bear, Sa-Sa
  • Stephanie- Steph, Ni-Ni, Stephy
  • Sophia- Soph, So-So

How to Choose an Aunt Name

Consider Personality

When deciding on your aunt’s name for your sister or sister-in-law, it’s so important to match their personality! Whether the aunt is sassy, cute, classic, or even a little rebellious, you want to be sure to find a name that suits her personality! It’s one of the few times in this aunt-to-be’s life that she will get to select a name for herself that can embody her personality until she eventually becomes a grandmother one day! 

Consult with Family

Some people let the children come up with the aunt’s name while others decide for the child. No matter how your family selects an aunt name, make sure that everyone is in agreement, especially the aunt in question! No matter how cute you may think the name is, if the aunt does not love it, it won’t stick. Or worse, it will be a sore topic in your relationship! Be sure to include the aunt-to-be in the aunt naming process! She will not only feel involved, she is sure to love the name even more if she feels like she has a say in the process! 

Keep it Simple

There are so many cute and creative names out there, and we’ve only listed a few! When considering an aunt name, be sure to keep it simple! At the end of the day, your little one will be  the one saying her name. The simpler the aunt name is, the easier it will be to remember and pronounce! Don’t overcomplicate things! Go with your gut and choose a simple name that fits best! 

In Conclusion…

A new child in the family brings so much joy and excitement! Especially with the first born, it brings all kinds of new roles for everyone. From first time grandparents and parents to first time aunts and uncles, this is a precious time for all! 

Like I said before, a child’s relationship with his/her aunt is truly unique. An aunt is there to listen non judgmentally, offer sound advice, and bring so much fun and so many adventures! Aunts have a big role in your baby-to-be’s life, and it’s crucial that they have a name that represents this! 

It can be so challenging trying to come up with an aunt name that checks all of the boxes: matches her personality, is simple and easy to pronounce, etc. We hope that this list of the top aunt names for the first time aunt-to-be in your life has provided a name idea or at least some exciting inspiration on your journey! 

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