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How to NICELY Ask for No Gifts at a Baby Shower + Wording for your Invites

Deciding to not receive gifts at your baby shower will probably shock your guests! Although it’s not typical, there is definitely nothing wrong with it. But since presents are the norm, how do you ask for no gifts at your baby shower?

My husband and I live in a fifth wheel, so I totally understand not wanting gifts for parties. We have asked our families a few times to refrain from giving us presents. It always feels a bit awkward knowing how to word it.

In our experience, most of our family members totally understand and there are few that just don’t get the hint! Especially those who find it hard to break tradition, so just be prepared for that.

I’m going to give you some ideas on how to word ask for no gifts at a baby shower along with some ideas that can fill the void of present time! 

How to Word Asking for No Gifts at a Baby Shower on Your Invitation

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After you’ve picked out your theme and invitations, you realize that you need to add some kind of disclaimer that you don’t want gifts. How do you politely say no gifts on a baby shower invitation? 

(My favorite invitations are from Basic Invite because they are completely customizable!)

You can either add something to the bottom of the invite or create a separate insert. I like to add a separate insert, just because some people don’t read the whole card.

Having your host on board is super important. They are going to get bombarded with….. ‘well what do I bring?!’ Even when you have plainly stated your wishes of no gifts at your baby shower. Give your host some options of things you would appreciate for those who want to give something. We loved take-out gift cards, meal trains, house cleaner, and gift cards (who doesn’t?!)

Whether you need a one-line phrase, separate insert, monetary gift, or gift card wording, here are some polite ways to ask for no gifts at your baby shower!

One-Line Phrases for the Bottom of Your Invitation

If you have a fairly simple invitation, adding a short phrase to the end is a great way to let guests know that you don’t want gifts. Here are some nice ways to ask:

  1. Please gift us with your presence!
  2. Your presence is the sweetest gift we could ever receive. 
  3. In lieu of a gift, please bring a photo of yourself and a letter for the baby!
  4. We would love to celebrate mom-to-be with love and support instead of gifts.
  5. We’ve already been blessed with the items we need, please just come and celebrate with the parents-to-be.
  6. We have everything we need for Baby C, so shower us with your love and blessing. 

Separate Insert Ideas for you Invitations

If a simple line feels too impersonal, add a separate insert or card to the invitation that explains your no gift wishes for your baby shower!

  1. We hope you can come to Emmie Kay’s Baby Shower! Since we have everything we need, we are asking that you don’t bring gifts. Your presence is the sweetest gift our girl could receive. We do have one favor to ask…. Could you write her a little message on the black card attached? We want to take your picture with her and add the message to a photo book… as a keepsake for her to look back on.
  2. A Note on Gifts…. It’s important that we celebrate the coming of our baby boy/girl and that is why we are throwing a party. No gifts are needed! Just bring yourself and join us in having a little fun!

How do you ask for money instead of gifts for a Baby Shower?

You may be wondering if you can ask for money instead of gifts for a baby shower because it’s a pretty controversial topic!

In my opinion, it’s totally fine – but only if you let guests know it’s not required. 

Here are a couple of polite ways to ask for money instead of gifts:

  1. We would love to celebrate the coming of Miss Emmie Kay by enjoying a get-together with our friends and family. We are asking that you don’t bring gifts, since we already have all that we need. We’ve been asked what we need and if you wish to give us something, would you consider giving a monetary gift? We are looking forward to celebrating with you!
  2. It’s important that we celebrate our Baby Shower with you! Please, no gifts are needed! Just bring yourself, but if you do wish to gift us something, we would appreciate a little extra cash to get some things baby c will need.

How do you ask for gift cards for a Baby Shower?

Maybe you are undecided on which baby products you want or you want some gift cards for diapers, formula, or unexpected things. Asking for gift cards from your guests is a great way to ensure that you have some extra money for things you really need. 

Now you may have some family members a little upset by the idea of giving gift cards, so you might be wondering if it’s okay! Just like the monetary gifts, it’s totally fine as long as you let them know it’s not required. Nothing tacky about that!!

There are a couple of ways you can ask for gift cards. One…. Just straight up ask! Or two….. give ideas for things you will need when baby arrives (example: take-out, house cleaner, groceries). Below are a couple of ideas on how to ask for a gift card instead of gifts:

  1. We can’t wait to celebrate the coming of little Owen Andrew! We hope you will join us for this special day. We ask that you don’t bring gifts and just bring your presence. But if you insist on giving something, we would a gift card to help with diapers, groceries, or even take out! 
  2. We hope you will come and celebrate our baby shower! No gifts are required! We’ve been asked what we need, so if you wish to give us something, we would love gift cards to help us out with diapers and items we may have forgotten.
  3. We already have all that we need, please just join us in celebrating the Mommy-To-Be! You know how hard the newborn stage can be, so let’s gift her groceries, meals, and maybe a cleaning lady. When you RSVP ask Alyssa what gift cards she needs!

How to Tell your Friends and Family ‘No Gifts’

Most likely your parents are going to look at you like you have three heads. For their generation, this type of party felt necessary. But, it’s totally okay that you don’t want gifts for your baby shower!

When telling your friends and family that you don’t want gifts, it can feel awkward and a little bit rude. That’s why I’m sharing a few tips that will help you when breaking the news!

4 Tips for Asking for No Gifts

1. Create a Small Registry

This is really just for those who can’t follow the rules. Just don’t tell everyone about it. Give your registry to the Host or the person who is in charge of RSVPs. This way you won’t get unwanted baby items

2. Give guests another option instead of a gift

When asking for guests to not bring gifts, I feel better when I’ve given them another option. I love making memory books, so I typically ask them to write a letter or note!

Here are some of my favorite ideas in lieu of a gift:

  1. Books
  2. Ask for Prayer
  3. Start Your Baby a College Fund
  4. Charity Donation
  5. A letter or Note
  6. Start a Piggy Bank

3. Re-Name the party to Baby Celebration or Welcoming Baby Party

When people hear baby shower they immediately think of gifts. So, try renaming it so that they don’t feel like it’s that kind of party!

4. Wait and throw a Sip + See Party

If you want to ensure that you don’t get gifts, hold off on celebrating until after the baby has arrived. In the south, many families celebrate a Sip + See Party. This is typically hosted by the parents and its intent is to show off their new baby! 

Wrap Up..

There are so many cute ways to ask guests to refrain from bringing presents. Although it might feel awkward at first, there are some polite ways to ask for no gifts at your baby shower. No matter what your reason for choosing a simple party, these phrase ideas will make you feel confident in breaking the news to your friends and family!

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