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8 Cute and Creative Long Distance Gender Reveal Ideas

You just found out the gender of your little one and now you want to tell your friends and family. The only problem is that they don’t live close by. So, how can you still make your gender reveal special? You can do anything from sending a card to planning an entire virtual party. Here are some of the most creative and fun long-distance gender reveal ideas to make things easier, and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

8 Long Distance Gender Reveal Ideas

1. Scratch Off Cards

Baby reveal scratch offs are pretty well available online. This is a fun way for long distance loved ones to find out the gender.

How To: Place these in the mail alone, or match with other ideas on the list to make it even more special.
Where to Buy: There are plenty of options for these cards on Etsy, some can also be found on Amazon for all of the last minute amazon prime shoppers. 

2. Egg in a Box                            

This unique idea involves customizing eggs to the gender and mailing them to long distance friends and family. It’s a fun way to keep the reveal a little more interactive. I mean, who doesn’t love cracking eggs?? You might have to do a little more planning ahead of time, but is totally worth it.

Where to Buy: Little Elephant Crafts – Etsy

3. Care package gender reveal

This long distance gender reveal idea is perfect for military families. Care packages are a common practice for loved ones back home, to make for military personnel overseas. This can also be used for relatives who live across the country. The packages can include baby clothes, either pink or blue, or fun reveal items and gift bags. 

4. Reveal truffles or cake pops

Cake is certainly a favorite among gender reveal parties. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a sweet treat from a distance. For those who tend to be DIY savvy, you can make your own truffles and Cake pops , or order them from a local baker. Be sure to make sure you have the right inner color, either pink or blue. These can be shipped to family and friends through priority mail to ensure the sweets stay fresh. 

Where to Buy: The Cake BallerinaEtsy

Do It Yourself: Tutorial Here

5. Personalized bath bombs

This is one of the most creative ideas. Family can release the bombs in a nice warm bath, or in a clear bowl during a FaceTime conference. Either way, this adds a fun and memorable touch to any pregnancy. These would also be a great way for siblings to be a part of the fun. 

Where to Buy: Karamelz Shop – Etsy

6. Balloon package

Send a deflated pink and blue balloon in a package to family and friends. Poke little holes in the color that does not match the sex. The balloon that inflates is the color of the gender. 

These can be sent in the mail easily, and are a cute way to spill the beans.

Where to Buy: Etsy
Where to Buy: Amazon

7. Gender Reveal Picture

Take a black and white photo of mom and dad to be. Don’t forget the siblings! Take another family photo in color with the color of the baby’s gender involved. Have photos printed on card paper. Package the photos so that the black and white image is the first to be opened. Then the colored photo reveals the surprise. Don’t forget to include a sweet saying in the photo to ask which gender it will be. 

8. Host an online gender reveal party

With all the advances in technology, hosting an online gender reveal party is actually rather simple. Pick your favorite gender reveal idea and send out virtual gender reveal party invites. When it comes time for the party, set up your phone or laptop and video chat with the folks that couldn’t make it. Facebook Live is a really good way to broadcast to a larger audience and you have the option to save the video for later.

Keeping the gender a secret from mom and dad.

Secrets are sometimes hard to keep, especially when it includes the biggest surprise of mom and dad’s life. Here are some tips for keeping the secret hidden. 

  • Secret envelope. If you have been chosen to host a gender reveal party, whether for a family member or close friend; one way to withhold the secret is to have the ultrasound technologist or doctor place the answer in an envelope only for the host to see. 
  • Secret time. Don’t find out too soon, as the longer a secret is there, the harder it is to keep. Have mom and dad plan the ultrasound close to the party date, this way the secret isn’t lingering for too long. 
  • Gender pronouns. Avoid using gender pronouns. Sometimes things slip out so try not using terms that may expose the secret such as little peanut or princess. 
  • Keeping mom and dad away. Make sure mom and dad are not present during the reveal preparation. This will provide the host with the best chance of keeping the secret
  • Do not tell others! This one seems obvious but tends to be the most difficult part. 

If mom and dad are setting up the reveal, have either the sonogram technologist or doctor place the answer in the envelope. Take this envelope to the baker or creater of whichever reveal device or card you choose, and instruct them not to tell. 

I actually used SneakPeek Test and found out I was having a little girl at just 9 weeks pregnant! We had the results sent to our friend who planned the reveal. It worked out perfectly!

Planning the best long distance gender reveal.

Here are some tips on creating the best gender reveal.

  • Relax. Take a deep breath. Planning the best long distance gender reveal does not have to be stressful. Whether planned by mom and dad to be, or a host, the trick is to have fun. This keeps it exciting. 
  • Excitement. Try and build suspense. Maybe take a poll on guesses. 
  • Creativity. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Some of the best long distance gender reveal ideas can be created through DIY crafts and careful planning. If you are hosting, create a theme that’s cute and liked by the parents. 
  • Brothers and sisters. Don’t forget to include siblings. This is a huge moment for them as well. They can be implemented in the big reveal such as releasing a bath bomb in water, or blowing up the deflated balloons. If the siblings are older, they might be able to be involved in the reveal planning. 
  • Communication. Make sure everyone is aware of the timing. If you are mailing a package and do not want it opened right away, make sure everyone is aware. 
  • Technology. Utilize technology through FaceTime and other platforms. One benefit of technology is keeping loved ones close from a distance. Make a FaceTime date with loved ones for the big reveal. You can also plan a traditional gender reveal party, and have long distance guests join in through FaceTime. 

Long ago were the days of a baby’s gender being revealed only at birth. This can be one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy. It can be hard to plan a long distance gender reveal, but these 9 long distance gender reveal ideas can be used to include all loved ones. Whatever your preference is, keep it fun, creative, and meaningful. Plan wisely when trying to keep the gender a secret. Make sure mom and dad are both on the same page. If enlisting someone to host a gender reveal, ensure they are someone you trust with the secret. To make the most out of the fun, stay calm, do not be afraid to be creative, and include the closest of friends and family. But most of all, have fun with it!

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8 Cute and Creative Long Distance Gender Reveal Ideas

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