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21 Tips for Preparing Your Body for Pregnancy Naturally (That Worked)

Whether you’ve been TTC for a while or you are planning to in the future, it’s important to start thinking about what you need to do, before you actually conceive. There are many things that you can be doing to improve your health, which will in turn help with conception. These 21 tips for preparing your body for pregnancy naturally are what helped me to get pregnant on the FIRST try.

I struggled for 7 months to get pregnant with my first daughter.

This time became so stressful and truth be told, it took the fun out of trying to have a baby. After deciding to take a break, we coincidentally (or not so) fell pregnant that month!!

Looking back, there are SO many things I wish I knew about trying to conceive. I thought I was healthy.. I thought I was doing all the right things.

So, when I started to prepare my body to get pregnant with baby #2…

I took an entirely different approach….. and we got pregnant “accidentally.”

Since having my second daughter, I have learned even more about what it looks like to approach trying to conceive from a natural/holistic standpoint.

Although I’m only 9 months postpartum and we would like to wait a while before having more children, I’ve already started preparing my body. I believe that it’s important for us to be nourishing our bodies no matter what season of life we are in.

In the guide below, I’m sharing all my tips on preparing my body for pregnancy naturally, a timeline for those of you who are planning the future, and a checklist…. so you don’t forget anything!

21 Tips (that helped me) to Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy Naturally

how to prepare your body for pregnancy naturally

Before I share all the things I am doing to naturally prepare my body for pregnancy, I want to thank Natural Cycles for sponsoring this post! I will share all about why I reached out to them about collaborating.

If you’ve been around for a while you know, that I do not support, review, or promote anything unless I wholeheartedly believe in it. So please know that this is all my honest opinion after using Natural Cycles. (read my sponsorship disclosure here).

At Bless Our Littles, we like to talk about things we love and think you might enjoy too.  Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links (see disclosure here). This means we will receive a commission if you click on a link and make a purchase. This is no extra cost to you. There are some products we have tried and others that we haven’t but think would be helpful to you! 

1. Eat Enough Calories

This is the #1 tip I have and wish I knew when TTC for my first. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I was underweight… and if you told me that then.. I would have told you that was crazy and that I was “healthy.”

A lot of what I’m sharing in this article is derived from Pro-Metabolic eating, but consuming more calories was a game changer for me. I believe this was the main factor in helping me to get pregnant so fast the second time around.

(You can check out Kori Meloy’s Freely Rooted Course for more info)

If your body is “starving” it thinks you are under stress, making it harder to conceive.

2. Get Your Hormones Checked

When I went to my OBGYN when we were TTC with my first, she told me it could take up to a year for a healthy couple to get pregnant. This was considered normal. I wanted answers then…. and I wish I knew that I could get my hormones checked for imbalances.

If you go to a functional/holistic doctor, they will recommend a Dutch blood test. (This resource on Instagram was really helpful)

These are amazing for helping you pinpoint what hormones need to be focused on. This leads me to my next point….

3. Look for Ways to Lower Estrogen

Having too much of the hormone estrogen in your body can result in infertility. So you want to be on top of detoxing this and also how much you are consuming.

I ate a raw carrot salad, every other day before I got pregnant with my second!! You can read all about how it helps + the recipe here.

4. Focus on Nutrient Dense Food

My diet drastically changed before I got pregnant with my second. I used to live off coffee, almond milk, and chicken. (Not that any of these things are necessarily bad.)

But after digging into the Freely Rooted Course (which is all about pro-metabolic healing), I cut out PUFAS, started to prioritize the quality of the meat and dairy I ate, and also introduced things like raw milk!

I was breastfeeding at the time and did gain a bit of weight, but after seeing my primary physician we both agreed that I needed these extra healing pounds to let my body know it was safe!

I also highly recommend reading the book ‘Real Food for Pregnancy,’ it is seriously so helpful. I actually wrote and entire review on it here.

5. Know When You Ovulate

In my experience, it has taken at least 3 cycles to get an accurate ovulation window. There are so many different methods out there to use.

Some of the most common ways to find your ovulation window are:

  1. Use Ovulation/LH Strips
  2. Use a Basal Thermometer
  3. Track Cervical Mucus

With that being said, you can dive into how to track your cycle yourself although I’ve found it to be a little tricky and time-consuming in the past.

Even if you don’t plan on tracking your cycle manually, you should read “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” by Toni Weschler, this has so much good information to help you get familiar with your cycle.

If you choose to use a fertility tracking app (such as Natural Cycles), this can really help you to pinpoint the exact days you are ovulating.

This is what Natural Cycles has to say about using their app to find your ovulation window:

Know the best days to conceive so you can get pregnant faster. Research shows that couples get pregnant in three cycles or less on average with NC° Plan Pregnancy. This is because the Natural Cycles algorithm uses your temperature data to find your unique fertile window so you can time sex and conceive faster. “

This leads me to my next tip….

6. Use Natural Cycles

When my husband and I got married, I gifted myself a year subscription of Natural Cycles. I got off of my birth control pill (that my doctor was convinced would help with uncomfortable cramping.. and it did not) and was very nervous about getting pregnant.

I was sold by the fact that Natural Cycles was cleared as a form of birth control by the FDA. It felt like the safest way to help my body heal after being on the pill and also be in control of when I got pregnant.

I went on to use this for 5 years before trying to conceive our first. I actually used this app up until I got pregnant and truly loved it!

You will get personalized insights about your cycle, ovulation and more!

Here are some things Natural Cycles is proud of about their app:

“By learning the pattern of your cycle, our algorithm can predict and confirm ovulation so you can find your fertile days even with irregular cycles. Get prompted on the best time to take a pregnancy test, plus more useful insights.”

I’ve tried a few apps over the years, but I’ve always felt that Natural Cycles was the most accurate. If you are on the fence, I would HIGHLY recommend use it. You definitely won’t regret it.

7. Start Taking a Prenatal

Even if you aren’t planning to get pregnant for a year, start taking a prenatal every day. Your body needs all the vitamins and minerals in here to be at your healthiest for a baby.

I have not found a prenatal that I’m in love with (yet). I’ve tried so many… and truthfully I struggle with many of them making me nauseous.

I’ve actually learned a lot about Beef Liver and taking that in leu of a prenatal. It’s considered natures multi-vitamin… so I’ve been doing this for a few months now!!

8. De-Stress

This is the main reason I couldn’t get pregnant with my first. I was beyond stressed. I wanted a baby so bad and the longer it went on, the worse my stress got.

Stress doesn’t always have to be related to work or arguing with your spouse, it could look like high intensity workouts or not eating enough calories too!

Here are a few of my favorite ways to destress my body:

Which leads me to my next tip….

9. Focus On Your Adrenals

This article by Krista Borowski, RPh goes over how your adrenal glands affect your fertility. The adrenals not only control your stress but also your libido and sex hormones.

I actually learned about this in Kori’s Freely Rooted Course, so if you are wanting to know how to support your stress hormones this will guide you in the right direction.

I enjoy having an adrenal cocktail each today, to help keep more hormones balanced. Haven’t heard of an adrenal cocktail? Head over to simplholistic for a full guide!

9. Go to the Chiropractor

Consistent chiropractic care has changed my life. I’ve gone from anxiety-ridden to a much calm version of myself, simply by getting adjusted weekly.

What I didn’t realize was how crucial it is for our nervous system to function properly to get pregnant. This is going to help all of our organs to work together and to relieve unnecessary stress on the body.

10. Get a Bodywork Massage

If you’ve gone through some trauma, I highly recommend seeing a massage therapist that specializes in bodywork. I wish I knew about this when I was TTC.

A while ago I read the book “The Body Keeps The Score” and I’ve never forgotten how our body holds on to trauma. With that being said, I’ve personally seen so much success in bodywork healing my body. I know that (many) women would benefit from it when trying to conceive.

There have been studies done that link trauma to infertility (you can read more about it here).

11. Get Enough Sleep

Roll your eyes all you want, but sleep is crucial.

I was watching one of Madisun Gray’s Youtube Videos and I was shocked when she mentioned that people before 1879 got an average of 11 hours of sleep. Although there have been many medical advances to help us live a longer life, we seem to be one of the sickest generations.

My theory on sleep is that when we aren’t getting enough, it’s putting unnecessary stress on your body. Like we talked about earlier, stress plays a huge role in your fertility.

12. Work on Your Mindset

As crazy as this may seem, having a positive mindset towards getting pregnant can help. Okay, so you can’t exactly *think* yourself into being pregnant.. BUT it will lower your stress (which you are probably getting the hint that this is important).

You can try fertility affirmations and simple I am statements.

  • One trick is to write down all your negative thoughts
  • Next turn those into positive statements. (Example: I will never get pregnant -> I will get pregnant when my body is ready)

I thought I would mention this here, but you may want to go to counseling as well. I’ve been going for YEARS and truly love it. Often times the childbearing years bring up childhood wounds, so it’s important to get those addressed before ttc.

13. Be Prayerful + Trust in God’s Timing

I wish I could tell you that if you pray about it, God will give you a baby. But, this just isn’t how this works.

Here is a video I shared during my TTC journey about Trusting God:

14. Walk EVERYDAY + Skip High-Intensity Workouts

The best advice my primary doctor ever gave me was to walk every single day and skip high-intensity workouts.

Any kind of cardio is going to raise your body’s stress levels, which is the last thing we want to do. So when in doubt opt for a walk and include weight lighting into your routine!

15. Contact Potential Midwives/OBGYNs

If you haven’t already, start interviewing different midwives/OBGYNs to help you through the process. A care provider who is willing to help you navigate through the TTC process is someone you will want to hang on to.

If you’ve been trying for a bit, I would highly recommend going to a naturopath/holistic doctor. There is so much that can be done naturally.

16. Avoid Alcohol, Cigarettes, and all the Bad Things

I feel like this is obvious, but in case it’s not you should avoid alcohol, cigarettes and vaping while trying to get pregnant.

17. Cut Down on Caffeine

I cut out all caffeine while TTC, which I really regretted. There is no cut-and-dry answer on how much caffeine is okay while trying to get pregnant. But, not consuming large amounts isn’t going to hurt anything.

There are so many different opinions out there, but I found this video pretty helpful:

18. Prioritize Minerals

To be completely transparent, this is something I didn’t understand. Aren’t vitamins and minerals the same thing?? Not really.

I highly recommend you listen to this podcast episode, with Morley Robbins for more information on replenishing your minerals.

These days I focus on adding Trace Minerals to my water, including Redmonds Real Sea Salt, enjoy my daily adrenal cocktail, having mineral-rich tea and taking magnesium baths.

19. Lower Your Toxins

This is a great time to start focusing on finding non-toxic alternatives for your household favorites and beauty products.

I was shocked to find out how toxic things like candles, shampoo, and detergent can be. Many of these things are even known to be endocrine disrupters.

[Check out Products You SHOULD Avoid While TTC]

20. Keep Your Phone + Laptop away from your Body

I hate to admit that I used to sit in bed each night with my laptop on my stomach and work. Although this is known to cause more of an issue with men (read about male fertility and laptops here).

This is something you and your spouse should become more aware of!

Here are some simple ways to decrease your risk:

  1. Keep Your Phone in Your Purse
  2. Put a pillow between you and your laptop
  3. EMF Pancho/Blanket

21. Keep Your Body Warm

Last but not least, according to Chinese medicine, a warm body helps with fertility. I really feel like this was another reason I was able to conceive so quickly with my second.

When was tracking my basal temperature before my first, it was always around 96.7.

Before my second, it was consistently above 97.8. Kori Meloy teaches all about how your basal temperature affects your body in her Freely Rooted Course.

Preparing Your Body for Pregnancy Checklist

I also wanted to share a checklist with some things you can be doing as soon as a year in advance and up to 30 days before. This will be helpful in making sure that your body is prepared for pregnancy

How to Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy a Year in Advance

I started preparing my body 9 months before we started TTC, but I had no idea what I was doing. This is the checklist I wish I had when I started preparing my body for pregnancy.

  1. Start Tracking Your Cycle (Download Natural Cycles)
  2. Use Ovulation Tests
  3. Read the Book “Taking Charge of Your Fertility
  4. Replace Toxic Products With Clean Alternatives
  5. Begin Eating A Nutrient Dense Diet
  6. Read the Book “Real Food For Pregnancy
  7. Eat Enough Calories
  8. Prioritize Your Minerals
  9. Start Taking a Prenatal
  10. Cut Back on Caffeine
  11. Focus On Your Adrenal Health
  12. Lower Estrogen Levels
  13. Have a Dutch Test Done for Your Hormones
  14. Contact Potential Prenatal Care Providers
  15. Start Chiropractic Care
  16. Find Ways to De-Stress
  17. Cut High-Intensity Workouts and Opt for Walking + Strength Training
  18. Be Praying

How to Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy in 30 Days (Checklist)

Now that you are (almost) ready to have a baby, it’s time for you to really focus on yourself for the last month. Keep your stress levels low, enjoy good meals, and most of all have fun!

  1. Be Intentional With Tracking Your Cyle (Use Natural Cycles)
  2. Prioritize Sleep
  3. Eat Nutrient Dense Foods (Eggs, Raw Milk)
  4. Try to Incorporate Warm Foods into your Diet
  5. Let your Chiropractor know your plans, and maybe up how often you go.
  6. Continue Walking Daily.. but slow down
  7. Keep Your Phone/Laptop Away from You
  8. Take Magnesium Baths (Lowers Stress + Replaces Lost Stores)
  9. Continue Praying that the Lord would allow you to conceive when your body is ready.
  10. Add Positive Affirmations to Your Daily Routine
  11. Get a Bodywork Massage Done

My Thoughts..

Deciding to have a baby is such an exciting moment in your life. I think that it’s amazing that you want to prepare your body for pregnancy so that you and your baby are healthy throughout the process.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. I would love to help in any way I can!

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