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18 Ways to Announce to Husband about Pregnancy (+ Shock Him!)

Finding out that you are pregnant is such an exciting time! Sharing that excitement is one of the best things about it. The hardest part is figuring out the most memorable way to tell your husband the news. To help you out, we have compiled a list of fun ways to announce to husband about pregnancy and totally surprise him!

The first time I told my husband we were expecting, I didn’t have anything planned! I ended up looking up some fun ways to surprise him inc ase we got pregnant again. When we did, I was too impatient to tell him….. so I hid the pregnancy test in the coffee cupboard.

the best ways to announce to husband about pregnancy

No matter how you plan on telling your husband the news, he is going to be so excited to be a dad!!

How to Announce to Husband About Pregnancy – At Any Time

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1. Dog Pregnancy Announcement

I Love this video that dog a mom and soon-to-be-momma captured when sharing the news with her hubby!

Tell your husband that your pregnant with your fur baby!

2. Use your Pregnancy Test

This is a pretty simple way to surprise him with your little one!

  • Leave it out – After you’ve taken the test, leave it on the bathroom counter for him to see. Stay close to the bathroom so you can hear his reaction!
  • Put it in a Drawer – If you know he always goes into a certain drawer, put it in there!
  • Tell him to pick a hand – Remember when you were little and your grandparents held a surprise behind their back and told you to pick a hand?!

3. Give Him a Card

You can never go wrong with a card telling him how excited you are to be experiencing this pregnancy with him. Keeping it classic and simple is sometimes the best way to go. You could make the card funny, sweet, or to the point.

  • Funny – Get him a card that has nothing to do with the time of year you are in. At the bottom write, We’re Pregnant!” I’m thinking a Christmas card in the middle of July!
  • Classic – Want something simple and to the point? Purchase a card (digitally) and print it out! Here’s a link the card in the photo: You’re Going to be a Daddy.
  • For the Occasion – There is always a reason to celebrate! Whether it’s almost Valentines Day, his Birthday, or your Anniversary, give him a special card for the occasion. At the end, share the news that you will be parents!

4. Let your kiddos tell him!

If this is your second baby, you should definitely let your little one announce your pregnancy!

  • Make a Sign – Have your first born hold a sign for when your husband comes home from work!
  • Big Brother/Big Sister Shirt – Make or buy a shirt that says “I’m a big brother/ sister! That’s something your husband won’t be expecting.

5. Photoshoot

If your husband is like mine, photos are a dreaded occasion! This will be sure to distract him. You just have to watch the video of this sweet couple…. oh and try not to cry 😉

6. Photo Booth

I feel like this video doesn’t even need a caption! But if you have a local photo booth, this pregnancy announcement is a must!

Pregnancy Announcement on Husbands Birthday

If you find out the news near his birthday, then what better day to surprise your husband with your pregnancy?  

1. With a Cake

Whether you are celebrating with just the two of you or with your closest friends and family, this is sure to catch him by surprise!

Write on the cake!

  • Happy Birthday Dad!
  • We’re Pregnant!
  • You’re going to be a Daddy!
  • Surprise…. We’re going to be Parents!

2. Donuts, Cupcakes, or his favorite treat!

Does your husband have a sweet tooth? Then this would be a great treat to go with some fantastic news.

  • Buy a box of donuts, cupcakes or treat from his favorite bakery, and add a cute note to it.
  • Write cute saying like:
    • “Eat up! Mom can’t be the only one getting a belly!”
    • “Our lives are about to get a little sweeter!”
    • “We’re adding a little munchkin!”

3. Romantic Dinner with a Baby Theme

Set up a date night with your husband and cook him dinner. Make it special! Light some candles and play some music. He will think you’re just being romantic, but this dinner has a meaning that he won’t be expecting.

  • Make all the food on the menu baby-themed.
  • You could prepare baby carrots, baby back ribs, and baby corn.

This surprise will take a minute for him to catch on to, but that’s what makes it fun! If he’s not getting it, then be sure to drop some hints so that he understands before the meal is over. Great news and a meal can not be beaten!

4. Birthday Gift Scavenger Hunt

If you and your husband love doing fun activities together, then why not set up a scavenger hunt for him?

  1. Create some clues that lead to the pregnancy reveal! You can use easy or difficult clues, but be sure to not do too many so that the game stays fun for him.
  2. The prize at the end should be something that reflects his personality, but also announces the baby you are expecting. It could be a box with the pregnancy test, box of cupcakes with a sign, or a simple card saying “You’re gonna be a Daddy!”

5. Special Delivery – Amazon Package

“Something came in the mail for you.” He’s going to be so confused as to what he ordered! Tape up an Amazon box with your pregnancy test, a card, or a framed sign announcing that you’re pregnant!

Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas to Surprise Husband

Did you find out that you’re expecting a Christmas miracle? Giving the future dad the present of being a father would be the greatest gift ever.

1. Ornament

Do you want to give your husband a keepsake that you can use every year? Then gift him a personalized ornament! Wrap it up as one of his Christmas presents, or give it to him while you are decorating the tree. You can continue the tradition as your baby grows up by getting a new ornament every year!

Here is a link to an ornament that would be perfect: Pregnancy Announcement Ornament

2. Calendar

Pregnancy Announcement Calendar to surprise husband

If you want to give him a gift that takes him longer to figure out, give him a calendar that has your expected due date circled or decorated. Tell him to look through it and see if there is a day that stands out to him.

ou might ask him what could be happening around that time and hint that it’s about nine months away. This surprise would be the highlight of his holiday!

2. T-Shirt

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If your husband is someone who loves T-shirts (who doesn’t?) then giving him one announcing that he’s going to be a father would be the ideal way to tell him the great news!

Every time he wears the shirt or sees it in the closest would make his day. You could even get you one to match! After gifting the shirts to him, take some pictures and use them to surprise the rest of the family with your pregnancy. Be sure to frame one so that you can display it in your home!

Here’s a T-shirt idea: You’re Going to be a Dad.

Long Distance Pregnancy Surprise

1. Skype – Facetime

If you can’t wait to tell him in person, you can still surprise your hubby over a video call!

  • Let the test be the first thing he sees, when he accepts your call!
  • Wear a shirt that says “Mom” and wait until he notices!

2. The Kid’s NEW Outfit

If you already have one or more children, then it would be fun to get them involved! Kids love surprises and being in on secrets, so they would have a blast with this.

Get some t-shirts promoting them to their new sibling title, and get them to video chat with their dad to ask how he likes their new outfit. This would make sure your children feel included with the new baby coming. Plus, they will have a cool new shirt to show off to their friends! What kid doesn’t love that?

Military Spouse Deployed Surprise Pregnancy Announcement

Is your husband stationed away from home when you find out that you are going to have a baby? It’s hard to have such great news and not be able to share it immediately. Here are a couple of ideas to make surprising your husband with your pregnancy a little easier!

1. When Phone Calls aren’t an option…

  • Care Package: If you’re not able to call, send him a care package! Include a picture from your ultrasound and a custom item announcing the baby-to-be. Add a heartfelt letter detailing your excitement about becoming a new parent.

Here’s a link to a present that would be the perfect addition! Military baby announcement 

  • Send Photos by Snail Mail or Email: If you prefer a more extravagant announcement, hire a photographer to take some pregnancy announcement pictures. This will capture the memory in a beautiful way, and give your husband a photograph he can keep close to him while he is away from home.

Wrap Up..

This time in your life requires the best possible way to share the joy of pregnancy with the people you love. Use an idea from this article or combine some of them to create the moment that is best for you. If you have any other ideas, please share them below!

Below is a Pinterest friendly photo…. share with your momma friends!!

Best ideas to surprise your husband with pregnancy announcement on pinterest

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