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18 Unique Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Family in Person

Congratulations! You are expecting a baby! Whether your first or third child, a singleton or twins, it is an important event and deserves celebration. Your family and those closest to you will join in your excitement from the moment you tell them “We are pregnant!” Here are some of our favorite ways to announce your pregnancy to your family.

No matter how you choose to share your news be sure to….

  • Take a video
  • Snap candid pictures
  • Have lots of tissues on hand
  • And most of all, enjoy the moment!

We have compiled several different announcement ideas, with everything from funny games, DIY projects, to special keepsakes and different ways to share the news at a family dinner. We hope one of these ideas is the perfect inspiration for your Pregnancy Announcement.

Here are 18 Special Ways to Announce You’re Pregnant to Your Family in Person:

Announcing Your Pregnancy to Your Family: 13 Fabulous Ideas Sure to Spark Your Creativity

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1. Wrap Up Bibs or Onesies

I love grandma bib for pregnancy announcement for grandparents

Wrap up this cute Grandma + Grandpa bib. Whether this be in place of a birthday gift or a just because gift, you will have lots to talk about once they open it!

2. We’re Having a Baby Spoon

Whether you see your family weekly or every so often, invite them over for dinner. They won’t realize that they are actually getting together for a special celebration! Serve these silver vintage spoons, from Mountain Bird Banners, with dessert or as a stir for their coffee! They would be adorable inserted in a teacup of pudding or fruit salad, so that the message is hidden until they pull it out, sword in the stone style.

3. New Name Coffee Mugs

grandma and grandpa coffee mugs for pregnancy announcement

Speaking of coffee …. If you can keep your secret all through dinner, bring out their dessert coffee or tea in these adorable Grandma and Grandpa Mugs. Imagine their surprise when they read the side of the mug! On second thought, just hand them the empty mug….it might be safer! You can always fill it up after they regain composure.

4. “Say We’re Pregnant” Picture Surprise

You will need someone to secretly record this on video. When your family is together, gather them for a group photo.

Once everyone is ready to smile, remind them to say, “Cheese!” Simultaneously, you and your partner shout “We’re having a baby!” Your friend who is “taking the picture” is actually capturing this moment on video. A treasured keepsake for all the family.

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5. Read My Lips “We’re Having a Baby”

Make sure you have your phones ready to video your family’s reaction to these games! The whisper challenge is a cute way to share the news with them! How to play this game? Get some noise cancelling headphones and play some music as they try to guess what you are saying! This is good for some silliness and laughing, and maybe a few false starts until they get it right.

6. Telephone Game 

Play this childhood game to announce your pregnancy to your family. Everyone sits in a circle. The first person whispers a message to their neighbor, who whispers it to the next person and on it goes until the last person says it out loud. See how far it gets around the room before someone blurts it out or misunderstands and changes it altogether. 

7. Family Prayer (Thank You Lord for This BABY!)

If you normally pray with your family before a meal, this is a discreet way to say “We’re Pregnant!” It will definitely catch them off guard, since they will only be expecting a blessing over the food.

Giving your family member gifts, isn’t only for the holiday’s or their birthday! It wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to thank them for being a special part of your life or giving a gift “just because.” They would never be expecting that you are pregnant, and that announcement will be the ultimate surprise!

Keepsakes are exactly what the name implies, a momento to keep the memory of an important person, place or event ever present in our hearts. These keepsake gifts are our favorite way to announce your pregnancy to your family.

8 . Pregnancy Keepsake Ornament

snowman pregnancy announcement ornament for expecting parents

The ornament can be displayed year round or hung on the Christmas tree! Order one for Grandma and one for Grandpa! This adorable snowman couple ornament would be a hit with any of your family members. A sweet reminder of the holiday when they were awaiting the arrival of the newest part of the family. 

9. Established in… Keepsake

This adorable pillow delivers the message in a way that they can proudly display in their home and remind them of the year they graduated to being grandparents. White with black script, it can accent any style from traditional to contemporary.

10. Birthday Card with Their New Name

If it happens to be around the time of your family member’s birthday or a special holiday, give them this beautiful birthday card from Norma Dorothy. It is such a simple gesture and one that is sure to surprise as they read “Happy Birthday Grandma, “Grandpa,” or “Auntie” for the first time. Custom made just for you, this will hold a special place in their hearts as they celebrate your shared joy. 

11. Bun in the Oven

Put a bun in the oven and ask one of your family members to grab it out! They may not catch on at first, which is sure to make everyone laugh.

12. Pet Bandana Pregnancy Announcement

cute dog pregnancy announcement bandana for collar

Chances are, if you have a four legged buddy, he or she is like a child to you. Your precious pup or feline princess is as much a part of the welcoming process as anyone. And who better to strut around with such an important message?
This adorable bandana is a cute way to show everyone that you are pregnant. Once you put it on, it becomes a waiting game! the Let your four legged friend mingle with your guests and see who reads the message first!

13. Pregnancy Reveal T-shirt

mom and dad pregnancy announcement tshirt

Go bold and out front with your pregnancy announcement in these simple shirts. What better way to announce your pregnancy to family than without even saying anything at all! It will be hilarious to see how long it takes someone to notice what is right in front of their faces.

14. Balloon Gift (With a Secret Message!)

If you have a reason to give your parents a gift, throw them off by wrapping presents and putting them inside each other. Then in the last box have balloons that they blow up for each other – that say “We’re Pregnant!” This unique pregnancy announcement will be sure to shock them!

15. Munchkin Pregnancy Announcement

Nothing says “celebrate” like bringing a box of donuts, and with these little add-ons, it will be unforgettable since you are announcing your new addition to the family. At your next family get together, bring a box of donuts!

No one will ever guess the news you are about to share! Pick out special ones that everyone will enjoy, and remember to select your favorites, as well. Print out one of these cute signs from our Etsy Shop for inside your donut box!

16. Pregnancy Dessert Surprise

Invite your family over for dessert and serve these baby themed M&Ms. You could have ice cream sundaes and put these in a bowl as a topping option. If you want it to be a little less obvious, make some M&M cookies!

17. Baby Announcement Coffee Sleeve

You have to have coffee on hand to go with those donuts. These custom made custom made coffee sleeves Baby Announcement Coffee Sleeves are sure to keep their coffee warm while they celebrate with you. Truly a unique and memorable gift.

Another coffee option, but one that you can do for free, is to pick up coffee at their favorite cafe’ and write a message on the sleeve with a permanent marker or gel pen. Use the above quotes or come up with some of your own. Add a chocolate covered coffee “bean” on the top of their cup. Keep referencing “bean” and see how fast they “get it.”

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18. Puzzle (with Hidden Message!)

puzzle pregnancy announcement to for family get together.

If your family loves puzzles, invite them over for a fun night of snacks and putting together this pregnancy reveal puzzle! It will be so much fun to watch everyone’s reaction as they figure it out.

Tip: Take the “hidden message” puzzle piece, so at the end they are looking for it! They will sure to be shocked once they put it all together!

7 Tips for sharing a Pregnancy Announcement to Family in Person

  1. Make sure your phone/recording device/camera is charged ahead of time. You will want to capture the moment, or better yet, have a trusted friend come along who can do that for you. Gently remind them you are counting on them to keep the camera rolling.
  2. Only invite parties that you know will share your joy, not spoil the moment. (In other words, only invite those that spark your joy, the ones who cheer you on). Life is full of people who will dismiss your plans and try to negate your joy, don’t invite those people to your party.
  3. Keep it simple, so that you can enjoy the moment. If any special arrangements need to be made, enlist the support of your partner or friend.
  4. Need to place an order? Do it early to ensure a timely delivery.
  5. Tissue. Lots of tissue. Need we say more?
  6. Relax, your own enthusiasm will make it fun! Enjoy this very special time in your life, and create memories you will cherish for a lifetime. No stress!
  7. Plan something that fits in with your families rituals or routines. Example, if you regularly gather for Sunday night dinners, or Saturday morning hikes, use those times to stage your surprise. They will not see it coming! 

  8. Plan something so totally different to build suspense. An example, in a family that doesn’t do gifts “just because,” a gift such as a keepsake or ornament would be totally unexpected and treasured for years to come. Or maybe drop in unexpectedly, totally stirring up their suspicions. Do what makes you feel best. There is no “right way” to present such happy news.

Best of Luck!

We hope that you found the perfect way to announce your pregnancy to your family in person. Whether you choose to tell them with something funny or sweet, they will be so excited and surprised! A new baby in the family is a time of excitement and wonder, of surprise and delight.

Savor these moments, and share them with the ones you love. When your baby is older, you can look back on these memories with them, and they will see the excitement and surprise on the faces of his grandparents.

Congratulations and best wishes to you as you prepare for your child’s birth day!

Let the fun begin!

Below is a Pinterest friendly photo…. So you can pin it to your Pregnancy Board!!

13 Cutest ways to announce your pregnancy to family

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