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14 Unique Baptism Gift Ideas – That Are Useful & Special

Many of our friends have begun baptizing their children. We have searched for the perfect unique baptism gift, which include keepsakes, toys, and practical items that he/she is sure to love. Most of these gifts are gender neutral and can be purchased for either boys or girls. We hope that you find one of these ideas to be special for your little one.

14 Unique Baptism Gift Ideas

At Bless Our Littles, we like to talk about things we love and think you might enjoy too. Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. Which means we will receive a commission, if you click on a link and make a purchase. This is no extra cost to you. There are some products we have tried and other’s that we haven’t but think would make the perfect unique baptism gift.

Keepsake Baptism Gifts

1. Precious Moments Baby Blessings Jar

godchild gift blessings jar

Little notes and keepsakes can be kept for posterity in an adorable ceramic lidded container blessing jar and is a thoughtful gift that keeps on giving. For a Baptism or Christening, this will be treasured for years to come.

Penning a favorite verse or something like “always praying for you”, or bits of wisdom you have learned through your faith journey will be sweet reminders of the people who were in his/her life from the beginning.

2. Baptism Certificate Holder

baptism certificate holder baby gift for christening

This ​Baptism Certificate Holder​ is a classy way to protect baby’s Baptism certificate! In silver, with Baptism symbols, this lovely keepsake would adorn any nursery decor, and out where it can be cherished.

3. Baby Teething Rosary

This Rosary Teether is perfect for way to include sweet baby girl in the rituals and prayers of the family. Since this gift can be used as a baby as a teether and as a child rosary, this is a really practical unique baptism gift. In graduating shades of lavenders and purples, it will be a lifelong remembrance for her to cherish.

This lovely gift is made in compliance with all safety standards set for baby toys, however, it is not intended for the​ ​infant to use it without adult supervision.

4. Baby Boy Baptism to Wedding Bracelet​

This delicate bracelet comes with a spacer so it can be worn for his baptism, and then given to his bride to wear on their wedding day. “It will serve as something old and something blue on her bridal list.” In gentle teal embellished with a silver cross this is a very unique baptism gift.

Playful Gifts for Baby’s Baptism

5. Noah’s Ark Stuffed Animal Play Set

I love the idea of a God centered toy. This Noah’s Ark play set is great for a young baby’s baptism! This is one of those fun gifts that help illustrate the promises God made to His children.

The elephant, lion, zebra, and giraffe are all plush and can be carried around in the ark. It’s a toy that they can grow into and enjoy for time to come.

6. Noah’s Ark Shape Sorter

Noahs ark shape sorter for baby godchild baptism gift

For little ones who are being baptized around 24 months, this Wood Noah’s Ark set is perfect! Classic gifts made of wood gifts will last for generations. As they play with the animal shapes, they are developing small motor skills, not to mention the tangible reminder of Gods love for them and the earth!

7. The Busy Bible

This rag book is a great first Bible Story Book. With 12 Bible Stories, a story sheet and a carrying case, this is a great gift to keep little hands busy while in their car seat, sitting on mom’s lap on an outing or anytime. What a great way to introduce an infant to the heavenly truths of the greatest story on earth.

Personalized Baptism Gifts

8. Personalized ​Baptism Wood Cross

I’m selective about trinkets and knickknacks, but wow, this cross is so special. Who can resist the beauty of this customized gift, handmade by the folks at ​Seaside Sass​. A gift as unique as the benefactor of the gift.

9. Baptism Wood Memory Box with Cross

I couldn’t help but add a keepsake box to the list! I love that it can be customized with their name, a cross, and the date of their Baptism. Boxes are great to give with a sweet letter of all your hopes for the baby. I often include a little photo book as well, so parents can print images as a memory of this milestone in their faith.

Baby will be receiving so many cards and little mementos, so this will be perfect to keep those special gifts in!

10. Bible Verse Swaddle Blanket

Last but not least, our Bible Verse Swaddle Blanket! This makes the perfect baptism gift, not only because is it unique but it’s useful. It can be used for a stroller shade, play mat, nursing cover, and so much more! When baby has outgrown it, the blanket can be hung as wall decor as a special reminder of the day they were baptized!

Each of these items will make the perfect gift for a Baby’s Baptism! When choosing a present, keep in mind that baby isn’t going to remember it. It’s important to find something that they can keep and display as a reminder of you.

Non Religious Unique Baptism Gifts

Sweet gift ideas from someone who share the love of the child, but not the faith:

11. Rainbow Name Puzzle​

This unique puzzle is customized with the name of the baby whose baptism is being celebrated, and is available in a choice beautiful colors.

12. Personalized Stuffed Owl Baby Baptism Gift​

This adorable owl will be cherished for years to come. There is a charming array of colors from which to choose, in addition to adding the child’s name. A keepsake that baby will love!

13. Lovevery Play Kit

The best wooden toys for toddlers

My daughter absolutely LOVES her Play Kit from Lovevery. It keeps her entertained for hours, which is unheard of for a one-year-old. Lovevery’s wooden toys are such a high quality product. They remind me of those beautifully made old-fashioned toys.

Is Money a Unique Baptism Gift?

Giving money can be a sensitive topic. While cash gifts are always welcome, it can be tricky to determine how much is appropriate. If you are close to the family, a gift of $25-$50 is appropriate. Although if the family is aware of a loved ones difficult finances, a gift of whatever amount is appreciated.

Baptism Gifts from Godparents

Godparents have an important role in the life of a child. It would be appropriate to give something that is lasting, representing the lifelong bond between a child and their godparents. Here is just one example of one such gift.

Engraved Baby Baptism Bracelet Keepsake​

This handcrafted bracelet comes in several sizes, and is gold filled and sterling silver. Made to last and be cherished for years to come.

Customized Gift from the Godparents

​Totally customizable, with soft pastels and a warm hearted note from the godparents to the child. As the child grows, this will continue to endear him to these very special people in his life.

In Conclusion

A baby’s Baptism is an important event for a child and their parents, as they come before the faith community in the path of their chosen spiritual heritage. Having been invited to this significant event, you will want to select the perfect unique Baptism gift. Although the baby will not necessarily enjoy the gifts now, they will be cherished for years to come.

It is through those gifts that their parents retell the story of their baptism day, sharing with them about their spiritual heritage, and the gathering of friends and family to commemorate such an important event. I’m sure you agree, remembering that date with this sweet family will only further the bonds of love, family, friends and faith. We hope these unique baptism gift ideas inspire you as you select the perfect keepsake for your dear ones.

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Unique baptism gift ideas

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